5 Incredibly Cool and Useful Road Bike Gifts Reviews

Do you have a friend or family member who is a bike fiend (or are you, yourself, looking for the latest gadget to add to your road bike? If you said yes to either, you’ve come to the right place.

Non-cyclists often don’t know what to buy cyclists as gifts. The key is to think outside the mug (and stay away from socks with bikes on them). Cyclists appreciate gear that makes their ride more enjoyable or efficient. For people who log massive miles each week, here are some gift ideas that will really make their day.

Quick Overview: The Best Bike Gifts

The list below provides the most popular bike gifts. Probably, you’ll be able to discover best bike gift among them.

Editor’s Choice

Helios Bars

  • Integrated headlight
  • Signal lights
  • Tracking system
  • Several other clever features


Park Tool Cyclone Chain Scrubber

  • Magnet at bottom of solvent
  • Durable sponge material
  • Works with all multi-speed bikes
  • Stronger locking clips
  • More ergonomic handle

The SIVA Atom

  • Lightweight USB generator
  • Easy and intuitive to install
  • 1650mAh removable battery pack

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5 Incredibly Cool and Useful Road Bike Gifts

Below are top incredibly useful and extremely cool gifts that you can buy for someone else or treat yourself with, that can make your ride more exciting, safe, and colorful.

1. Helios Bars

topview_blackIf you haven’t heard of Helios Bars, you’ll be glad you did soon. As per Helios’ mantra, with Helios Bars, you can “transform any bike into a smart bike.”

This gadget features Bluetooth Smart technology, a powerful headlight, a GPS tracker, and rear LED lights that come together to create a smart and safe bike bar that has several uses.

 The Bluetooth Smart connects the Helios Bars to your smartphone, where you can unlock a variety of features including: Ambient Lighting, Turn-by-Turn Navigation, and more. 

The GPS Tracker means that you can track your bike via SMS (text message) from literally anywhere around the globe. You can receive the actual GPS coordinates of your bike and a link to Google Maps to its location within 30 seconds of tracking. This is a great anti-theft feature.


The powerful headlight is made from powerful CREE LED lights that provide you with a nice, wide spread of illumination that is comparable to a car headlight. With the rechargeable, lithium ion batteries, you can use these lights for up to 9 hours at the brightest setting of 500 lumens or 20 hours at 250 lumens, on a single charge. Brightness is adjustable.

The last part of the Helios Bars are the Rear LEDs. These rear-facing LED lights function as turn signals. All you do is press the blinker button on either side of the stem to indicate to vehicles that you’re turning.


  • Battery: Lithium Ion
  • Brightness: 500 lumens (lm)
  • Battery Life: (at 250 lm): 20 hours
  • Battery Life (at 500 lm): 9 hours
  • Material: Reinforced Aluminum
  • Weight: 610 to 810 grams
  • Stem: 1 1/8 inch
  • Width: 420mm
  • Weatherproof

You can use the Helios Bars in via two grips: The Bullhorn or The Drop Bar, depending on how you prefer to ride. With wireless and manual control functions, the Helios Bars is an interesting gadget that is well worth the price tag for the lighting, indicator light, connectivity, and GPS functions it offers.

2. CM-5.2 / Park Tool Cyclone Chain Scrubber


The Park Tool Cyclone Chain Scrubber (also called the CM-5.2 Cyclone Chain Scrubber) would make for a great stocking stuffer.

For around $25.00, you simply attach the scrubber to your chain, add some of the chain cleaner, and this little gadget will leave your bike chain sparkling.

To clean the chain, all you do is pedal, and the chain will pass through the Cyclone Chain Scrubber and lean itself.

This is a great gift for a bike buddy or a treat for yourself if you’re tired of manually cleaning your bike chain.


3. Bike Spike

The Bike Spike is a great tool for those who take their bike safety seriously as well as those who may live in an area where bikes are regularly stolen. A great tool for city dwellers, the Bike Spike is a GPS tracker that automatically alerts you if your bike is tampered with and when you are riding, it will also automatically report a crash to your contacts in your phones (contacts are chosen by you).

The Bike Spike (Left) Connects via Bluetooth to your Smartphone

This piece of tech is small and non-obtrusive and is compatible with iOS, Android, and Web browsers.

Bike Spike Without Cage
Bike Spike Without Cage

With it, you can monitor your bike’s location on a map, grant temporary access to law enforcement if your bike is stolen, “lock” your bike digitally and receive a notification if your bike is moved from its geo-fenced location or even if someone is tampering with it.

Carbon Fiber Cage Around the Bike Spike
Carbon Fiber Cage Around the Bike Spike

You can also do fun stuff like sharing your stats such as distance you ride, your speed, and courses with others. If you’re a parent, you can keep an eye on your children and be notified if they get into a bike crash, ride out of their safe zone, and so forth.

For around $150, the Bike Spike is an interesting bit of technology that any bike lover would be proud to have.

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1054587410/the-bikespike

4. The SIVA Atom


The Siva Atom is a great piece of technology that allows you to use and convert the momentum of bike riding into real power for electronics such as for your: Android smartphone, iPhone, GoPro, lights, GPS, Bluetooth speakers, and a lot more.

SIVA is a brand that is looking to create clean energy from anywhere — including human momentum.

With the Atom, you can charge just about any USB device. It even has a removable battery pack for maintaining longevity of this device. Who can say no to free and clean electricity to charge up your technology?The Atom: Clean Energy

5. The Hammerhead

The Hammerhead: Attaches to HandlebarsThe Hammerhead (also called the Hammerhead One) is a simple, straightforward, but very exciting piece of tech for your bike.

This device attaches to your handlebars and provides the rider with a turn-by-turn navigation guided by a GPS application on your smartphone.

How does it work? Your Hammerhead will indicate to you when to turn via the intuitive LED light signals, which will show you when to turn in a fun, simple, and bright way.

The great part is you can choose your route and leave your phone at home — the Hammerhead will guide you while your phone is out of harm’s way.

The Hammerhead is great for long rides, as well. The manufacturer designed this tool with a battery that can last more than 10 hours of continuous usage on a single charge. Using Bluetooth Low Energy, this won’t drain your smartphone.The Intuitive LED Display of the Hammerhead

The Hammerhead is also built to take on rough trails, heavy rain, and gravel, so no worries about where you take it. You can use this device to keep yourself safer, as well, as your eyes can be on the road. The LED intuitive display is visible through your peripheral vision, so you don’t have to look at it constantly to see when to turn.

Sold out in over 60 countries, this is an incredible gadget that has become extremely popular with night riders.

Incredibly Cool and Useful Road Bike Gifts – Buyer’s Guide

If you’re seeking presents for cyclists, there are many items that will work well. For instance, the ultra-lightweight aluminium bike pump or the smartphone bike mount would make excellent gifts for cycling enthusiasts or commuters. Additionally, other great gift ideas for cyclists include the wireless bicycle indicators and the padded bike seat cover.

Gifts for Bicycle Enthusiasts

Some of the greatest cycling-related presents on the list are the waterproof cycling undertrousers, the cushioned bike seat cover, and the ass saver foldable mud guard, all of which would make excellent bicycle presents.

The first book in the series is One Man and His Bike, which covers one man’s solo journey around Europe with his trusty bike. Both books, How to Build a Bike and One Man and His Bike, would make excellent cycling Christmas presents, as well as accessories for cyclists such as the vintage brass bicycle bell or the bicycle frame with smartphone holder.

If you’re searching for something unique to give a bike lover, the bike keyring or bicycle ornament are more specialized cycling present options.

Christmas Presents For Cyclists

This list of Christmas present ideas will come in handy if you have a friend or relative who loves to cycle. Whether you’re looking for something practical or more fun, there are several great gift ideas for cyclists on the list.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in fashion-based gifts for cyclist this holiday season, consider buying them some stylish cycling chinos or urban cycling shirts!

Birthday Gifts For Cyclists

Or, if you’re looking for birthday gifts for cyclists, there are many great options to choose from.

For cheap gifts for cyclists, waterproof shoe covers cost less than $10, as do the neat cycling coaster or the elephant cycling print. The colourful bicycle print or retro bicycle bike print make great budget-friendly gift ideas as well.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Cyclists

Smart cycling ties, fashionable bicycle socks, or urban cycling jeans might all be great father’s day cycling presents. The smartphone cycling gloves, rechargeable bicycle lights, and 16-in-one cycle multitool are just a few of the handy gadgets that would make excellent father’s day gifts.

 Waterproof cycling socks or shoe covers, on the other hand, would make wonderful cycling presents for him no matter what the occasion. 

The classic bicycle print T-shirt and the eight-in-one bike cleaning kit are only a few of the options. You’ll have a lot of options when looking for cycling presents for him.

Cycling Gifts For Women

For the woman in your life who loves to cycle, why not buy her some cycling-themed gifts? The star bike beads will help her make her bicycle look more artful and decorative. Or, if she enjoys vintage items, the hand-drawn bicycle coasters or coffee cup holder would be perfect. And for a pop of color, the bike mug would also make a great gift.

Funny Cycling Gifts

Finally, if you’re looking for some unusual cycling presents, there are several excellent options on the list.

Novelty Bike Gifts

For the cyclist in your life, check out these unique gift ideas:

  • A classic bicycle horn
  • Ball bag bike lights (seriously!)
  • Build your own bike’ mini model – perfect for both cyclists and ornament lovers alike!
  • A ‘middle aged man in lycra’ bath and oil set – ideal for those who love to pamper themselves after a long ride.
  • The metal bicycle clock ornament – a stylish addition to any home. 
  • Happy cycling T shirt 9 – perfect for those days when you just want to show your love of cycling loud and proud!


Every year, on both my birthday and Christmas, I am overloaded with cycling presents. At first, this bothered me because it seemed like people didn’t know me as anything other than a cyclist. But then I realized that these were some of the best gifts I had ever received because they were items that I would personally love and use!

If you are looking for a gift for a fellow cyclist in your life, check out this list compiled by someone who really knows what cyclists need and want! If you have any recommendations, they would be welcome additions to our lists… and perhaps even in my collection.