Best Road Bike Euro Brands – Reviews and Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Euro Road bikes are a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to stay active, as they put less strain on the body. And if you’re competitive and looking for a fast, smooth ride, road bikes are the way to go.

Cannondale Supersix Evo Hi Mod

This swish Cannondale has been ridden by the Cannondale Drapac team throughout the 2016 year, including at the Tour de France. The Cannondale brand has always been known for their lightweight bikes that deliver superior comfort.


This latest incarnation adds a few additional aerodynamic flares with a slightly truncated downtube. The almost alarmingly thin forks help to ensure that the SuperSix Cannondale is the lightest to date while adding even more comfort to this top-notch ride.


Pinarello Dogma F8 Campagnolo Super Record V3 EPS

In our Eurobike Road Bike Review is presented the Pinarello Dogma F8 is the world’s most titled bike, having won the Tour de France twice, the World Championship, and more than 100 Pro Tour races. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this bike has been chosen by Tour de France winner Chris Froome and his Team Sky team mates.


The feel of this Pinarello is close to driving a car — it responds immediately to input, propelling you down the road without a second’s thought. In a joint collaboration on aerodynamics between Pinarello LAB, Team SKY, and Jaguar, the F8 is improved on previous Pinarello Dogmas models.


This is nearly an unbeatable package, which makes the huge price tag reasonable and even worthwhile — in our dreams.

Colnago Concept — (Frameset price)

Eurobike Brand Review is presented by the Colnago, the famed Italian brand’s first “proper” aero road bike. The key to this bike’s ability to cut through the air is the rear wheel, which huge the frame tightly in order to reduce the amount of turbulent air produced.


This feature has seen extraordinary success with Diamondback’s “Superbike,” the Andean.

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Did Diamondback Just Invent the World’s Fastest “Super Bike?”


Colnago has even changed the profiles of the tubes on their various different sizes to ensure that each frame size is optimized for efficient riding.

The price tag may seem reasonable at first, but remember, that is the frameset price! So, you can expect this bike to cost you quite a bit more when the components are on.

Wilier Cento10AIR

Continuing the aero theme is Wilier’s Cento10AIR. Unlike the S5, the Cento10AIR relies completely on CFD (computer fluid dynamics) in its design, which is used by Formula One teams that predict how the air flows around tubes.


The frame uses truncated aerofoils throughout, which essentially removes the back section of the aerofoil in order to save weight. However, the air is ‘tricked’ into flowing in exactly the same way as if it were there, which keeps your ride and aerodynamics super slippery. Clever stuff.


The Wilier is light for an aero bike, weighing in at only 950g.

Factor O2

The O2 is Factor’s most versatile bike, equally at home consuming the mountains of France rolling over Belgian pave (e.g., a unique carbon fiber layup that helps to filter out any fatiguing road vibrations).


This bike exhibits an impressively lightweight frame, at 740g. The tube profiling has been rigorously engineered to minimize drag, while the Svelte fork has one of the smallest surface areas of any fork currently on the market.


Paired together with Factor’s own custom built one-piece bar/stem combo, it saves still further precious watts. This Factor O2 is truly a pinnacle in carbon frame building technology.

Kinesis Gran Fondo Ti Disc

The Kinesis stands out from the crowd thanks to its exotic frame material — Titanium — which is widely praised for delivering the plushest ride of all.


Kinesis is a British bike brand that takes full advantage of the corrosion free material, offering the Gran Fondo in the material’s alluring raw form. The disc brakes deliver reliable stopping power in all conditions, making it a very desirable racing bike.

Cervelo S5

The bike ridden to multiple stage victories at the Tour de France this year by Mark Cavendish is the Cervelo S5.


Cervelo developed the S5 using CFD, then refined the bike in a wind tunnel in order to ratify the theory. The result? One of the most aerodynamic road bikes out there according to the manufacturer, While it is no Diamondback Andean, it is certainly close.

Specialized S-Works Venge Vias Disc

The S-Works Venge ViAS Disc with eTap was designed as a complete ‘speed system’ according to Specialized. The disc version, pictured below, adds supreme stopping power with no aerodynamic penalty.


SRAM’s latest wireless electronic shifting finishes the package. In testing, the Venge was shown to be 116 seconds faster than Specialized’s own climbing bike, the Tarmac, over 40km.

Final Thoughts

The only way to truly appreciate a road bike is to put it through its paces, which is what we do. We’ve ridden enough bikes here at to know what’s popular and unpopular. Is the tire tread any good? We’ll find out. Is it comfortable for 8 hours, or even longer? Furthermore, we’ll see if it’s simple to maintain; can you replace parts easily or does it require proprietary components?

There’s no substitute for time on the bike, in all conditions, so if we give a bike a review, you can be confident that it has been put through its paces thoroughly to discover the hidden gems and flag any duds so you know where not to spend your money.