Top 10 Best E Bikes in 2022 – Reviews And Advanced Buyer’s Guide

As the sale of electric bikes is soaring, our cities are transforming. More and more e-bikes are seen in the streets. They become a common element of our environment. Going faster than usual bicycles, they attract attention.

We see that the person riding the e-bike doesn’t seem to pedal. He either does it a little or doesn’t do it at all. How is it possible and what is the best ebike? There are a lot of companies producing this commodity, but what brands are worth considering? Which of them produce the best ebikes? Let us try to find answers to these questions.

Quick Overview: The Best Electric Bikes

Editor’s Choice
VELOWAVE Electric Bike Adults

VELOWAVE Electric Bike Adults

  • High uptime and long battery life
  • Good hydraulic brakes
  • Versatile
  • Provides modulated acceleration
  • Good value for its price
  • Effective stopping power

Best Adults Electric Commuter Bike

ANCHEER Adults Electric Commuter/Mountain Bike

ANCHEER Adults Electric Commuter Bike

  • Great bike makes riding fun
  • Pretty easy assembly
  • Has plenty of power to push you up most hills
  • Great battery life
  • Bike frame is well built
  • It meets the top speed pretty fast
Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike

Heybike Cityscape Electric Bicycle

  • Step through design
  • 7 gears and 3 drive assists
  • Comfortable seat is easy to adjust

What is E-Bike?

The electric bike is a slightly improved two-wheeled bicycle, which is equipped with an electric drive. It is an environmentally friendly, fast and economical means of transport. You can ride it for pleasure, without wasting energy, or using “pedals” when the transport runs out of charge.

This technical solution enables different modes of movement, which favorably distinguishes it from other means of transport. With the introduction of electric traction, a new vehicle was developed. It can travel at high speeds over relatively long distances.

A pedelec moves at a speed of 25-50 km/h and travels up to 30-50 km on a single charge. High-quality batteries installed on best rated electric bikes can increase the distance almost twice.

The popularity of Ebikes

Since public transportation becomes an iffy option, ebikes come ahead offering more opportunities for citizens of big cities, small towns, and people living in the suburbs. With a new way of life, people get more room around their homes. It is not filled any longer with huge, massive cars making the cities dirty.

The good news is that the person doesn’t have to be physically fit for using this means of transport. It’s good for the city and for you as it removes congestion, and decreases fossil fuel.

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There are products to meet the demands of any person. You can easily find a heavy-duty cargo best electric bicycle among best rated e bikes or a high-end mountain most popular electric bike next to it.

Top ebike companies try their best to cater to the needs of different categories of customers offering the best electric bicycle regardless of your needs.

Due to its ease of use, low price, convenience, and compactness, the pedelec is loved by the inhabitants of eastern countries. There it became the most popular type of two-wheeled transport. This success is largely due to its economy and environmental friendliness.

Top Rated Electric Bikes

When the list of top 10 ebikes was developed, their technical characteristics, prices, and popularity were analyzed to figure out what models deserve your attention.

#1. VELOWAVE Electric Bike Adults – Best Fat Tire Ebike

VELOWAVE Electric Bike AdultsThe bike is put together excellently, and the electronics, charger, battery, etc. all work great. It has plenty of power too. I lost my keys at some point (hoping I can buy another set from the seller) but even without them, I can still charge the bike.

The headlight is quite robust and provides a lot of light, the Bafang motor is a well-known premium name in the market, and it provides me with plenty of power. When I cycled, I was relieved to discover that the brakes worked properly. Even though other users complained about the Shimano derailer’s weakness, so far everything appears to be working well for me. The paint quality is excellent and the branding is inconspicuous, as opposed to some other bicycles I researched.

There’s a little bit of an issue with the height of the bike. It’s no problem for me, but my kid has difficulty riding it. The weight is also rather hefty, especially for younger or older individuals.

However, the majority of the bikes with this level of power and fat tires appear to be on the hefty side; maybe that is just a norm. Would I want rear suspension, mid-drive, or blinkers/rear brakelights integrated into the electronics? Yes…but I wasn’t ready to spend a few hundred dollars more for them. It’s difficult to find fault in anything when comparing Velowave’s amazing value proposition.

After doing my research on bikes, I found that this one has the perfect combination of features. Other ebikes in this price range or higher often lack hydraulic brakes, a Bafang motor, and/or the high capacity battery. With this bike you don’t have to worry about missing any key features. I’m extremely pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an ebike!

  • High uptime and long battery life
  • Good hydraulic brakes
  • Versatile
  • Provides modulated acceleration
  • Good value for its price
  • Effective stopping power
  • This bike is not the best choice for exploring hilly areas.
  • Heavy
  • Tires are susceptile to punctures

#2. ANCHEER Adults Electric Commuter/Mountain Bike – Best Price E Bike

ANCHEER Adults Electric Commuter/Mountain BikeThis bike comes mostly assembled in a very large box–you only need to attach the front wheel and handlebar. I unpacked the battery and charger first to get the battery charging while I put everything together.

The box arrived with one hole in it, but there was no damage done since the guard over the rear derailer was just bent inward slightly. The gears do need to be tuned out of the box though.

The Battery/Motor

The Blue Spark model has bigger wheels and a larger battery and engine than the other models available. The motor features six assistance levels, 0 being pedals only with no motor and 5 being full motor assistance at all times when pedaling. Except for level 0, the twist throttle may be used at any time. I weigh around 205 pounds and am able to reach a top speed of 20 miles per hour on flat ground with little effort.

 Even though it’s only a 350w motor, the power is still good enough for me to use on a daily basis. It’s also very quiet so people around me wouldn’t know that it’s an electric bike just by listening to it. 

The battery takes about 6 hours to charge from 0%, but I haven’t had a chance to fully drain it yet. My longest ride was 13 miles and the battery was only halfway drained after using electric mode most of the time.


The Blue Spark is outfitted with Shimano Altus drivetrain components. I left the bike expert to handle the tuning because I have no prior experience. When everything is adjusted correctly, the gears operate smoothly and quietly while pedaling. The paddleshifters function properly, and so far I’ve had no problems with them.

The only thing I would prefer is a higher gear ratio. When the bike is at 20 mph, even with the highest of the 24 gears selected, I feel like I am pedaling faster than necessary. Granted, this is a mountain bike and that is the reason for the lower gears but…


I was expecting the suspension on this bike to be comparable to my previous mountain bike, which had a suspension fork. The front suspension fork on this bike appears to get the job done since it can be locked and the stiffness may also be changed simply by turning a knob. However, in my testing, I found that the suspension performs nothing like I would anticipate from a mountain bike.

The front wheel easily manages small bumps and potholes, but the rear wheel always feels quite harsh. I primarily use this bike on streets and occasionally ride thru grass/wooded areas. Even on seemingly light offroad paths, every bump is enough to shake this bike uncomfortably. If you plan to do any type of serious mountain biking, look for a different bike since this suspension isn’t built for that kind of terrain..


This bike has disc brakes that are activated by a mechanism. The first thing I noticed was how much more force it took to come to a halt compared to my previous bike, which used rim brakes. I discussed this with my bike mechanic, and he recommended upgrading to hydraulic brakes because they would make braking easier and reduce the chance of snapping a brake cable in the future.

This bike has Shimano hydraulic brakes, and the braking performance has improved significantly. The brakes cost me about $300, but I feel that it was well worth it for the improvement in performance and safety.

Final Thoughts

The only problem I discovered with the Blue Spark was that the bike computer directions were not included. I contacted Ancheer, and they sent me a pdf of the instructions the following day.

I think this bike is perfect for anybody who is looking to buy an electric bike but isn’t ready to make a significant investment. If you’re riding on anything other than pavement or perhaps a dirt road, I recommend choosing another model since the suspension isn’t capable of handling it.

  • Great bike makes riding fun
  • Pretty easy assembly
  • Has plenty of power to push you up most hills
  • Great battery life
  • Bike frame is well built
  • It meets the top speed pretty fast
  • The front fork is flimsy feeling
  • Aren’t great tires
  • The charger when charging gets hot
  • Brakes are very loud

#3. Heybike Cityscape Electric Bicycle – Best Electric Commuter Bike for Adults

Heybike Cityscape Electric BikeThis bike comes well-packaged. I was able to assemble it in about an hour by following the video on the Heybike site. The fenders were a little tricky to install and needed to be adjusted to get them mostly straight. The chain guard also needed to be adjusted so that the chain wouldn’t rub against the lower gears. And finally, the disk brakes neede minor adjustments so that they would stop rubbing as well.

The speedometer on the dashboard was reading too quickly by about 5-10%. I decreased the wheel size to 24″ in the more complicated setup, and now the speed is quite reliable. Several GPS applications, as well as a two-mile timed trial, have verified my speed.

Pedal assist

I switched to a 5-level pedal assist setting (40,55,70,85,99) rather than the default 3 mode. This offers smoother levels. The standard mode 3 was a little too quick and 2 was far too slow in my opinion. Speeds range from 7mph on level 1 to 18mph on level 5 when I used the same settings as before with 215 pounds of weight.


The bike is exceptionally quiet when pedaling, even at higher speeds. The 350W motor can pull 500W while accelerating or climbing hills. You can climb moderate slopes without pedalling too hard, but you will eventually come to a stop. Expect to reach a top speed of 15 mph or less while climbing.
The e-bike’s range

The e-bike’s range is notoriously difficult to pin down. It’s influenced by terrain, wind, traffic, your speed, how heavy you are, and how hard you pedal. I’d estimate that I can go about 15 miles at 15 mph on a pure electric (level 4 for me). With some help, I might at least double that.

Every day I ride about 27 miles each way. Because my battery is still 55-65 percent charged when I get home from work, I generally charge it there because the range is too short to use on the road with typical assistance.

If I pedal, the e-bike will go up to 25mph; if I don’t pedal, it’ll only get me up to 12 mph. For a lighter rider like myself, at 10-12 mph, the range of 25/40 electric/passive is probably accurate.

In The End

If the gear ratio was greater, it would be more useful. It would help to go up a hill one speed lower and on the fastest assist level, one speed higher. On level ground, I must maintain a high cadence to properly assist the motor which normally uses level four in the highest gear. Level 5 is usually reserved for pure electric or a short intense workout.

  • Step through design
  • 7 gears and 3 drive assists
  • Comfortable seat is easy to adjust
  • First gear assist kicks in fast
  • Printed instructions are vague

#4. VIVI 26″ Electric Mountain Bike – Best Adult Commuter Bike with Removable Battery

VIVI Electric Bike for AdultsAll the wires and brakes are already connected to the handlebars, so all that was required was for the handlebars to be slid into place and fastened into the frame. Simply remove the temporary spindle/axle from the rear wheel and slide it into the front forks, then attach the front wheel.

Then there’s just getting on your seat, pedaling away, and attaching the chain (the chain is already there). The directions aren’t necessarily step-by-step, but they’re straightforward enough. All of the tools are supplied.


Despite the tires being flimsy and barely inflated, they work fine if you’re careful. You need to massage them until the bead seats evenly. The fenders are also delicate, but holding up well considering. The disc brakes are amazing – one of my best features on this bike! (I only hope pads will be available when I need them).

 Another great feature is the shifting; it’s very nice. Additionally, while front suspension feels soft compared to other bikes, it works quite nicely – though might be too gentle for some riders who prefer a more aggressive ride stylee. 

And finally, power output is good! Though speed leaves something to be desired in comparison , part of that can definitelybe chalked upto local laws requiring 20mph cut-out for unlicensed riders under 16 years old riding this motorized bicycle..

I like the kickstand design and that there is good clearance between the toe and front wheel. These bicycles look polished, and the price is great.

  • Easy assembly
  • Very well build bicycle parts
  • Rides like a charm
  • Great budget e-bike
  • Small seat
  • Kick stand is sticks out

#5. ECOTRIC E-Bike 20″ Fat Tire Offroad Folding Electric Bicycle – Best Beginner Electric Bike

ECOTRIC Beginner Electric BikeThis Ecotric bike is easy to assemble, but if you’re not familiar with basic bicycle assembly, the instructions may be lacking. It comes with two tools for assembly, but a “t” handle 5mm hex makes the job a lot easier. Overall construction appears good for the price point. The controller/LED display is a no frills $15 part, but it does the job.

The Ecotric electric bike’s user interface is rather basic. There are three levels of assistance, each with its own throttle option, and a “walk mode” that allows the bike to keep up with you while walking it without putting out too much effort. It’s especially handy when you get a flat.

The bike is extremely tough and can be ridden both on and off road. If you are tall, you may not get a full leg extension while pedaling, but I am 6’1″ and still find it comfortable enough to ride for longer periods of time with the pedal assist.

Before riding, make sure to go through the bike and tighten all screws, nuts, and bolts. On my long ride, my derailleur bolt loosened up slightly; however, since I brought tools with me, it wasn’t too big of an issue .

This bike is efficient and will get you where you need to go without pedaling too hard. The folding feature is definitely a plus. However, if you are looking for a workout or want to use the bike without power, I would look into getting a traditional style bike.

  • Easy to put together
  • Runs well, fast
  • Has some power
  • Comfortable ride
  • Good battery life
  • Useful folding feature
  • Nice cargo rack
  • Ment only for the streets or side walk

#6. TotGuard Electric Bike for Adults – Most Reliable Electric Bike

TotGuard Electric BikeThe bike is in generally good condition. The assembly procedure is quite simple. Some tuning may be required on the front brake caliper.

The bike is fantastic. It has a headlight, a horn, a throttle, and a nicely illuminated LED speedometer that displays up to 19.8 mph despite how fast I’m going.

It has three pedal assist settings and a 350W motor that does an amazing job of propelling my 240-pound body at 19.8 mph.

 The seat on this bike is similar to that of most low-cost e-bikes, which has a solid post and a poor (uncomfortable for most) seat. A straight horizontal handlebar stem is included with TotGuard. This adjustable stem makes the bike much more comfortable and controllable. 

If you only rely on the battery to ride, it will obviously use up its power faster than if you use pedal assist. I have yet to fully drain the battery in one riding session. Granted, I don’t ride for long periods each time (4-6 miles), but the breaking system is soft when squeezed and the bike stops approximately. No issues stopping even when bike and trailer are fully loaded! This is a great ebike and I recommend it highly to anyone who’s looking for an easy way to travel!

  • The assembly of the bike is super easy
  • The gear and brakes are already assembled
  • The light is decent
  • Ride is very smooth
  • 36V battery gives around 20.5 miles range
  • Disc brake in both from and rear wheels
  • The seat is not too comfortable
  • Taillight is just a reflector
  • Need buy rear fenders

#7. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Plus Folding Electric Bike – Most Popular Electric Bike

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Plus Folding Electric BikeThat bike is really great…an excellent first e-bike. It’s small and powerful. You may call a share ride or a friend and toss it in the trunk if you get a flat and can’t fix it. If you require good mobility: need an ebike that folds well, folds quickly, and can be carried on / off public transportation, this ebike is for you.

The top speed I’ve gotten is 19.5 on a new battery. However, it’s helpful to know how to make the battery last longer by switching from 1 to 2 or 3, depending on the ground and how far you’re going–these are small batteries after all. Additionally, it’s crucial to have a backup battery handy. On the highest setting, you’ll only get about 7-8 miles out of this bike before needing to recharge.

As for folding up the bike, it doesn’t take that many steps if you know what you’re doing: fold down the handlebars first, then half of frame second ,with another part coming in third ,and finally half  the size of The pedals. But beware–there are quite a few sticking-out pieces on this thing which can be troublesome if unwanted contact is made with them​. The bike itself is fairly heavy.


Some of the minor issues I’ve had are that the key to lock and unlock the battery is flimsy and easily breakable, and sometimes the lock sticks and I have to wiggle it before it will work. The inner tubes also seem cheap, so upgrading them along with the tires, brake pads, adding tire liners fenders and turn signals would be a wise move.

The smaller the wheels, the rougher the ride on poorly maintained streets. On smoothly kept up roads and bike paths, though, you will be fine. My hometown has rough streets and even rougher bike paths, so it’s quite a bumpy ride. Even still, my bike is holding up well.

I use a bead of silicone around the controller’s seam, and I cover the face of the controller with clear contact paper. In addition, I try to avoid getting wet because it protects the throttle. You’ll notice a few seams where metal meets…. Use transparent monster tape to help protect the bike from water… actually, most of the bike should be coated with clear tape to assist prevent small and moderate scratches.

  • Overall build quality is very good
  • Brakes work great
  • Fully charged, the bike will do over 18mph electric only
  • Somewhat easy to pedal when the charge runs out
  • Bad seat post clamp
  • The seat is uncomfortable
  • The plug on the bike is poor quality
  • Front break rattles

#8. MICLON Electric Bike for Adults – Best Mountain Ebike

MICLON Cybertrack 100 Electric Bike for AdultsThe bike does most of the work going up hills, but you’ll still need to pedal a little bit. The 300W can probably make it up hills with no problem using only throttle.

The seat and pedals that come with the bike are cheap versions, so you may want to upgrade them. You might also want to add a saddle storage pouch and phone mount to keep things from falling out of your pockets while riding.


The shocks are adequate, and a shock-absorbing seat is an excellent additional for around $30. Woodsy trails are possible, but don’t expect to go rock climbing with it. When attempting to make a hard stop at 25-30 mph, the brakes aren’t fantastic, but they’re decent enough. Good luck if you accidently bump the brake rotor while cycling; it’s like touching metal after a few stops. Leaves a nice scar, although I don’t recommend doing it on purpose. Perhaps there should have been a rotor guard installed?

The throttle limits the bike to 20mph, but you can easily hit 30mph by pedaling hard. At that speed, it feels controlled yet not entirely safe. And since this isn’t a Tour de France bike, don’t be surprised if it starts to shimmy. The tires are better than what most bikes come with—and they look more expensive than they cost.

The battery lasts for a long time on a three hour charge, depending on how much pedal assist you use. To get the best battery life, keep it between 20% and 90%, as this is where batteries like to live for the longest lifespan. Level one gives you a nice 5mph boost to get rolling. Level five gets you to 21 mph as fast as the bike can handle. The gear shifting isn’t clunky; just don’t shift it under load like with any other bike.

The bike is a good value for the price, but I wish I had gotten a better model elsewhere for an extra $1000. If you want an eBike that will work well around trails and suburbs, this is it. But if you’re looking to do hardcore mountain biking on expert level slopes, you’ll need to spend another 1-2k on a better model or just get an electric dirt bike.

  • Very solid construction and quality welding
  • Decent tires
  • Great battery life
  • Shifts easily
  • The bike is light enough
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Charges quickly
  • Easy to remove battery
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Sharp pedals
  • Need to raise handlebars

#9. HITTROAD Electric Bike – Best Electric Bike With Best Range

HITTROAD Electric BikeIt’s simple to install, as seen in the video. You don’t even require the instruction book to do it all. 90% of them are fully installed. Just had to put the front tire, handle bar, pedel, and fender on. The tires must be inflated to 45 or 50 psi for the first time. It has a fast release valve on the front wheel that is very useful. The battery is completely charged.

Anyone with basic technical knowledge can assemble this in 1 hour to 2 hours max if they are new to assembly jobs. It features a quick release mechanism for the front tire, which is really helpful. I bought two “sheds” instead of one because I was worried about being able.

The bike is made with quality items throughout, and it feels like a high-quality product. The motor is quiet, and the throttle assist takes away all of the pedaling if you don’t want to do any work.

 However, you can pedal if you want a good workout. It will take a little getting used to familiarize yourself with the gears, but there is no learning curve at all. Just go with your instincts as you ride, and it’s a breeze! You can hardly tell that it’s an ebike unless you look closely. 

This electric bike is incredibly light, yet it’s also very strong. The suspension is specifically fantastic. Even on a rough trail, this bike handles well. When you ride up steep hills and use only battery power, it really needs a lot of battery power. As a result, riding in the assist mode at levels 3 and 4 is the best way to go. Shifting Gears!

  • Good quality
  • Get up and go
  • The gear shifters work flawlessly
  • Easy to work on
  • Good battery life
  • Not comfortable seat
  • Pedals are a bit too close to the front wheel
  • Brakes may need adjusted

#10. FREESKY Fat Tire Electric Bicycles – Best Reviewed Electric Bike 

FREESKY Fat Tire Electric BicyclesThe Freesky has five modes, each of which adjusts the speed and effort required to reach a certain level. If you ride your bike without electricity and apply X amount of effort, you may go 5 mph.

On an ebike, going to level 1 results in an 8 mph pace; level 2 increases that to 12 mph; and so on…for the same amount of work. This is quite beneficial on hills because before, you would have needed to downshift into low gear and crawl up the hill.

Big and tall guys have a hard time finding bicycles to fit them, which is unfortunate because it means they have to spend more money. I was happy to find this bike that met my weight and height requirements while still staying under $2,000.


It arrived well-packed. The user manual had good instructions but could be updated with better pictures of how to mount the front wheel. I appreciated that all the necessary tools were included.

It only took five hours to completely charge the battery, and the display is both clear and easy to use; it shows speed, odometer, trip distance, battery charge, etc. All of this information is readily available without having to fumble around.

The tires may be thicker than average but they offer a much smoother ride that makes up for any extra effort required while pedaling. Additionally, the front shocks ease any jarring from bumps in the road so your ride stays comfortable even over rough terrain.

The Freesky has a throttle power option that can come in clutch if you need to speed up to catch up with someone, or just reach your cruising speed. Even though the bike is heavy, it’s well made.

  • Easy assembly
  • 750-watt Bafang hub motor
  • a RELIABLE Shimano SIS transmission
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Long battery life
  • Heavy bike
  • It doesn’t have a horn
  • Need tighten several components

Best Electric Bikes – Buyer’s Guide

Photo Electric Bike Company Model XAlmost all these items can easily be included into the list as new electric bikes are designed on the basis of the same principles. There is no huge principal difference between the products of best electric bike brands. All of them try to make their products lighter, more flexible, responsive, and convenient.

One of the most annoying things at present is running out of battery when rising. The industry tries to improve this aspect now to increase sales even more and to popularize this means of transportation. With the battery that lasts for decades, people can obtain a more sustainable technique to generate power. It is acute for different appliances, not ebikes only. Different manufactures try to devise a self-charging battery.

There are, for instance, reports about the nano-diamond battery that completed several concept tests. However, not all discoveries are finally implemented. It remains to be seen if even the best e bike brands are really interested in the technology since it can destroy immense production cycle with a huge turnover. You will learn more about the subject if you study the theory of disruptive innovation and its effect on business processes.

How ebike works?

The main part of e-bike is an electric motor that draws energy from a battery and drives the wheel. The battery is sometimes mounted on the rack, on the frame, or built into the frame, depending on the model. The integration of the electrical component into the design is always seamless.

There are models with front and rear wheel drive, working on the basis of a motor-wheel with an integrated motor. Another option is a mid-drive that is located in the area of pedals, which uses both wheels. Front wheels perform a very important role in balancing the weight of a cycling person. The wheels also perform the function of shock absorbers so they alleviate the effect of bumps for a pedelec.

All the main elements of a pedelec are mounted on the frame, including the electric motor that makes the wheel spin. A wheel motor can be used instead of a wheel. The motor-wheel is produced in two versions: geared and direct drive.

The power of the motor-wheel varies from 250W to 10 thousand W. Such a wheel is mounted on the rear or front axle. However, the variant with the front axle is more common, due to the following reasons:

  • The front axle is the least loaded, so the motor will experience less stress.
  • With this arrangement of the wheel, the best cross-country capability is provided.
  • It will skid less into slush and snow.

All e-bikes have a controller, which controls the electronics and transfers power between components. Another important part is the on-board computer. It’s possible to monitor the battery charge, power consumption mode, and speed on the screen.

Modern technologies made such citybikes lightweight. The power of the device determines how long the person can travel on a battery charge. The formula depends upon the type of the bike, type of terrain, and other details.

With the Bosch battery, for instance, trips to 100 kilometers and more are possible. But the biggest advantage is the possibility of charging the device from a usual outlet. It can take approximately three hours. As a result, using one of the top rated electric bikes, the person can have several long walks on a single charge, and this is very convenient.

Types of Ebikes

Ebikes are divided into classes:

  • Class 1 models are equipped with pedal assist, have speed up to 20mph. and don’t have a throttle.
  • Class 2 bicycles are equipped with a throttle, which offers up to 20 mph.
  • Class 3 refers to devices with pedal assist. Such models don’t have a throttle. The highest speed available is 28 mph.

All these groups feature motors, which are limited to 750 watts.

By purpose, pedelecs are divided into:

  •  Urban.

Best ebikes for rides in the city feature compactness, lightness, and convenience. In most cases, these are foldable models that take up a minimum of space. They are often chosen by young people, students, or office workers who need to get to the point of destination without being stuck is a traffic jam.

  •  Mountain.

They are created for traveling on rough terrain or broken roads. The choice of the best electric bicycle is acute for sport-minded people. Mountain ebikes have a solid and sturdy frame, thick and wide tires. Such bicycles are more often purchased by athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

Also, ebikes are divided on the type of battery used in them:

  • Lead-acid
  • Lithium-ion
  • Lithium phosphate

When choosing among the highest rated electric bikes, the customer should pay attention to this factor as determines the frequency of battery change.

  • Selecting a lead-acid battery that doesn’t cost much, the person should understand that it features only 500-600 charges.
  • Customers will have to pay more for a lithium-ion battery that works smoothly in the course of 1000 charge cycles.
  • The price for a lithium phosphate battery is considerably higher therefore it is rarely used.

The question of pedaling

The common question that arises before the purchase is the issue of pedaling. Consumers want to know if they need to pedal the bike.

The necessity of pedaling depends upon the construction of these devices. However, experts advise not to refuse from pedaling as the activity brings many benefits to the person and even useful for ebikes:

  • It is incredibly healthy to pedal. The physical benefits for the body are evident. This is one of the most useful ways to keep fit, especially when done on a regular basis.
  • This is a very pleasurable activity and brings much fun.
  • Pedaling helps to extend the range of the battery.
  • Pedaling extends the life of a motor.

The person should keep driving in case the battery is discharged. Pedal the bike as if it is a usual one. There is a special function in some models enabling the efforts made by the cyclist to recharge a battery a little.

How to Choose Best Bike for me?

There are many things to be considered when you make your choice. The aspects below include the issues that require your close attention to buy the product that is suitable for you.


All top electric bikes are covered by a warranty. In case it breaks down, it is recommended to apply to the supplier or manufacturer for repairs.

 Customers should know the warranty terms well at the stage of purchase. Most top rated e bikes come with a one-year warranty. Within this term, the device can be repaired for free. 

The frame is generally lifelong, with a load of up to 130 kilograms, for instance, or some other depending upon the characteristics specified by the manufacturer.

Maintenance and extra costs

Pay attention to the type of bike before the purchase. You will have to consider the conditions first where you are going to use it. Also, look at the type of motor in a bike and its capability to function smoothly in particular areas. This is important to see if the model has high-quality components. Considering the option, the person has to decide on the maintenance aspect. Consumers should think about extra costs as well such as maintenance expenditures.


When buying, you should take a closer look at the type of battery. Though it’s possible to buy a bike with any battery, keep in mind that some of them have a larger number of charge/discharge cycles – this is about 1000-2000 cycles. LiMn (Lithium ion manganese oxide) have about 500-770 cycles, while lead-acid ones are designed for 300 cycles. A lead acid battery is the cheapest and heaviest. The most expensive and environmentally friendly device options are lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Components and additional equipment

You should take a closer look at the width of the wheel rim and the spokes. The double rim is more durable than the single rim. This is important because the rim with a motor is subjected to higher loads. Such bicycles must have spokes larger than 2.3-2.35 mm.

You also need to pay attention to additional equipment: charge indication, headlights, and other elements. Check the operation of the motor, speed switch, brakes, throttle.

Legal aspect

The number of e-bicycles in the world doubles every year. The explosive growth in sales of two-wheeled vehicles, including their constant improvement and the growth of speed characteristics, brought to the situation when governments of different countries began to introduce laws regulating their use. For example, America and Canada have adopted the law to limit the speed of power-driven bicycles to 20 miles per hour. Take into account that similar restrictions may soon appear in your country as well.

Tips for the particular groups of customers

If you are going to ride in urban conditions on a good road surface, then it is recommended to take a closer look at a folding bike. Small wheels and a frame make it easy to maneuver around town. And thanks to the compactness and low weight of the folding bike, you can easily put it in a car, take it into an elevator or place it in an apartment. If you like to ride on rough terrain and like long trips, then it is advisable to select the model with a solid frame, large wheels, and a trunk.

A teenager should choose a lightweight folding bike and wheels with a diameter of 16-20 inches. Adults need vehicles with a more powerful battery and larger wheel diameters. For older people, it is recommended to select a device with good suspension, so that it allows you to comfortably overcome defects and unevenness of the road.

If you need to transport heavy loads or a passenger, you will need a motor with a power of more than 350 watts. The same applies to trips in hilly terrain. The higher the power, the easier it is to overcome steep hills, the dynamics of acceleration and the speed of movement is higher.