British Olympic Medalist Laura Trott’s New Line of Road Bikes – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide


Laura Trott, a highly competitive and successful athlete, has developed a bike line Halfords that is tailored to female cyclists so that they may have a pleasant cycling experience.

The range consists of entry-level, budget-conscious hybrids and road bikes suitable for female cyclists. It’s not the way to encourage kids to like cycling if they’re riding on a man’s bike with a saddle made for a male anatomy!

Laura is not only a world and European champion with several Olympic gold medals, but she also understands bikes extremely well. Another impressive aspect of her product line is that Laura caters to riders of all levels instead of just the professional market. In other words, whether you are a beginner or experienced rider, there is definitely a bike in this collection for you!

The Laura Trott Halfords Bike Line

This collection includes four bicycles, ranging from an entry-level Hybrid to the RD3 road bike. Each bike was designed by Trott, who had a hand in every aspect of design, including the top tube length, crank arms, and even the choice of saddle (Selle Italia), as well as the wheels (RS11 race rims). The Laura Trott designed RD2 is a mid-range road bike, with the entry-level RD1 and high-performance RD3 coming from her stable.

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Top 4 Best Road Bikes for Beginners

1. Laura Trott HYB1


This bike is sleek, lightweight, and has a great look. This entry-level hybrid bike has Shimano Acera gears for hills and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes to help you slow down. Selle Italia saddle makes this women’s racer comfortable to ride.

 The Hybrid bike in the range, the HYB1, is an alloy frame with a full carbon fork and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes that are rather remarkable at this price. 

A 3×8 Shimano Acera transmission with Suntour crankset and an 11-34t cassette provides a wide range of gearing options, with low enough gears to pedal up steep slopes. The comfort Selle Italia Diva Flow saddle is worth noting as well.

The HYB1 comes in three sizes- 48.5cm, 51.5cm, and 54 size frames. Additionally, the bike has quick release wheels on both the front and back tires which makes for easy flat changes or removal. The solid fatter 700x37mm tyres are built to withstand rougher road conditions while providing a bit more cushioning than thinner racing slicks will give you.


2. Laura Trott RD1

The RD1 is the first of Trott’s “RD” series, and it is an excellent mixture of style and performance. The 16 speed Shimano Claris allows for high speeds on flat surfaces. Many bikes do not have full carbon forks or road calliper brakes, so it is evident that Laura Trott puts quality as a priority in her line.



The RD1, being the entry-level model, isTrott’s cheapest road bike. It has an alloy frame with full carbon fork that adapts to a woman’e specific geometry.

Additionally, it comes with Shimano Sora 8-speed gearing and FSA Tempo compact crankset which provides 16 gears in total. The 11-30t cassette gives excellent range for climbing hills and maintaining speed on flat surfaces.

The RD1 is available in three size frames: 48.5 cm, 51.5 cm, and 54 cm. High-quality Continental Ultra Sport Folding tyres guarantee a tight grip on the road, and the bike comes with a Selle Italia Diva Flow saddle and alloy LT finishing kit for a polished look.



3. Laura Trott RD2

The new RD2 is the next level, combining serious components with Trott’s excellent design. The 20 speed Shimano Tiagra gearing ensures that those sprints and climbs are in your control, while the full tapered carbon fork provides all of the power and stiffness you need for a demanding training session or personal cycling on the road. The Aero wheels enhance both the rider’s experience and expectations for performance.


The RD2 is equipped with a Shimano Tiagra group set, which makes it ideal for training rides. A compact chain-ring is commonly used on road bikes today, and the RD2 has not deviated from that convention. This allows you to do high-cadence spinning if that is your pedalling style.216496g


4. Laura Trott RD3

The RD3 is the best of the Trott series and it isn’t even close. It has a great assembly of components that makes it one of the best performing bikes. The breathtaking style is also a huge plus. The 22 speed Shimano 105 provides high speeds and full tapered carbon fork gives rigidity where needed most.  Additionally, the inclusion of Shimano performance dual-pivot calliper brakes and Shimano RS11 race wheel make for an excellent combination which allows this bike to shine above competitors.’ 


These 20mm-rim wheels are just like the RD3’s, so you won’t have to worry about sacrificing quality. Keep in mind that this bike isn’t meant for speed demon cyclists; however, the high spoke count indicates reliability, which is great for beginners. If you eventually want to improve upon aspects of the bike such as comfort or handling, know that upgrading the wheels would be a good place to start.



Halfords Laura Trott Bike Series:


Most importantly, Trott says that the geometry of each bike has been specifically designed to fit the female form. So, no longer do you have to “make do” with a racing bike that is designed for men but labeled as “unisex.” You can have your own women’s racing/road bike created by an Olympian. The fusion of performance, style, and passion found in this line are aimed at inspiring women everywhere to achieve their goals both big and small.