Kestrel Talon Carbon Bicycle: Reviews And Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Kestrel is a well-known manufacturer of bicycles that has been in operation since 1986. They’re recognized for being a trailblazer in the carbon fiber bike frame market. The Kestrel Talon Road Bike is one of their top-selling racing bikes, which is intended for competition and adventure.

Most other competitors would opt foraluminumforthe frame material because it is cheaper but ultimately not as good in terms of quality. The Talon’shigh-quality craftmanship takes aerodynamic bikingto new levels without sacrificing affordability — something that seems too good to be true at first glance. Review the bike below and make your own decision!


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Aero Road Bicycle

  • Highest grade 800K ultra high-modulus carbon fiber
  • Shimano 105 front & rear derailleurs
  • Shimano 105 11speed STI shifters
  • Oval Concepts 327 700c wheelset
  • Vittoria Zaffiro Pro folding tires
  • Oval Concepts 310 ergo handlebars
  • Reversible seatpost

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Brand: Kestrel
Type: Talon Road Shimano 105 Bicycle, Carbon Fiber

Size and Design

The Kestrel Talon is one of the finest looking aero road bikes on the market today. This exceptional bike has not only the looks, but the power and quality to make the rider a very happy customer.

This Gray and Red Carbon Fiber cycle has an Enhanced Modulus Hybrid Frameset, Carbon Rear Triangle, and an EMH Carbon Fork. The high performance features do not end there. With a 105 Shimano set, this 11 Speed shifts like a dream and is one of the fastest bikes out there in this caliber range.


Featuring Shimano 105 STI Brake Levers and Tecktro R540 Dual Pivot Brake set, you can have complete confidence in the Talon’s ability to handle, brake, and keep you safe.

  • Beautiful and lightweight
  • Responsive and comfortable
  • Shimano 105 groupset
  • Performance at a superb price
  • Weight saving opportunities can be had with upgrading the wheels, bars and the stem
  • Need reverse the seat post

Technical Specifications and Features

The Kestrel Talon is an aero road bike made of high-performance Carbon Fiber, which provides excellent stability and speed.Often, when this qualitycarbon fiberis used inroad bikessuch as these , the price markedly increases; however, Kestrel manages to use it while keeping their prices affordable.

The bike’s physical appearance is an asset, as the carbon fiber and color scheme are eye-catching and unique. The Shimano 105 group set is also of excellent quality, which adds to the value of this bicycle. Together, all of the component parts make for a greatbike overall.

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The Talon was one of the first aero bikes to be released in 2007 and Kestrel has managed to keep the same level of quality with this model. The bike itself is very light, weighing only 20 pounds on average. Carbon fiber frames make for a much quicker ride and also helps contribute to the overall lightweight feeling of the bike.

Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Frame: Carbon Fiber
  • Ergonomic Fit Handlebars
  • Brakes: Shimano 105 STI Brake Levers
  • 11 Speed Shimano 105 STI Shifters
  • Tire Size: 700c (700 x 32c)

Another benefit is that the bike is unisex, which isn’t always the case with road bikes. The Talon is actually quite gender-neutral and comes in a variety of sizes to fit most heights. Another benefit is that this type of bike has a lower price than most other road bicycles.


I was hesitant to buy it from Amazon because most bikers recommend going to your local bike shop, especially if you don’t know your size. I went to the bike shop with a limited budget and was able to fit me on an aluminum frame bike, which was fantastic.

The bad news is that I did not purchase one of the two bikes they had: a huge trek or a tiny trek. I discovered a website called bikesdirect that sells high-quality bicycles at relatively low prices. I was interested in the Motobecane Grand Record, but it didn’t have the Shimano 105 components that I wanted. By upgrading the components, however, the price tags got higher and higher until it was out of my budget.

 Be sure to get a bike fitting, whether you do it yourself or take it to a bike shop. I started the assembly process myself but quickly realized that it was more complicated than expected. If you’re new to this, consider taking your bike to a shop for professional tuning, as the instructions that come with the bicycle are not step-by-step. 

If you’re looking for a road bike or tri, go with the Kestrel Talon. You won’t regret it – it’s smooth and absorbing shocks and vibrations thanks to its quality carbon frame.


Kestrel Talon Carbon Bicycle

The best part about the Kestrel Talon? It comes with dual-pivot brakes, making it easier to adjust your bike’s braking mechanism. You also won’t have to apply as much pressure to the handlebars – which is perfect for those who want a quicker stop time when travelling downhill.

The bike is very responsive, making it great for people who ride on the road. The Carbon Fiber frame is lightweight and good-looking, so riders can go fast whether they’re biking for exercise, racing in street competitions, commuting or just riding recreationally.

Another advantage of this bike is that Talon lets riders sit in a position used for road or triathlon biking. This can change how somebody bikes and is usually a desirable option for most cyclists. Finally, the five sizes offered should fit almost every rider’s height needs.


The Talon is a beast when it comes to riding, according to many riders. It’s a little bigger than other bikes, but it’s ideal for males and females of virtually any height. The high-quality parts and Carbon Fiber frame combine to make this a fantastic road bike. It’s extremely quick and smooth, without shakiness, vibration, or roughness from the roads echoing through your arms. As a rider, you feel completely in command due on account of the responsive frame.


You can purchase this Gray/Red Kestrel Talon Shimano 105 Carbon Fiber aero road bike on in 5 different sizes.

Overall Impression

It’s time to take a serious look at the Kestrel Talon, better known as the Talon Tri or the Talon EMH, if you’re searching for a sturdy bike that offers a smooth ride without breaking the bank. The carbon fiber frame of this bike is proof of its quality, since it is typically only available in bicycles costing hundreds of dollars.

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