The Masi Vivo Tre: A Carbon Road Bike for a Steal [Reviews And Ultimate Buyer’s Guide]

weblrg-1The versatile Masi Vivo Tre can go long almost anywhere, and with such quality parts, you’re getting an incredible value.

What kind of bike do most road cyclists need? The answer isn’t a climbing bike, an aero bike, a gravel bike, or any of the other various categories of road bikes.

Those are excellent tools that are particularly good for one function but at the expense of others. Most people require bicycles that can perform many tasks. They should also be inexpensive to purchase and maintain. They should not degrade in performance after three seasons.


The Vivo combines state-of-the-art technology with a versatile and comfortable design, perfect for long rides. MC9 Comfort Tuned Carbon fiber frame is designed for stability and disc brakes provide reliable stopping power. The relaxed geometry makes it easy to handle on any terrain, from flat roads to mountains.

 The MC-9 carbon fiber frame and fork are designed for comfort and lightweight rigidity.They’re also built to accommodate a wide range of desirable modern features. Shimano’s 105 drivetrain is high performing and reliable. The bike can handle any terrain with ease, thanks to its accurate shifting and wide gear range. 

The Stans Notubes Radler Disc specific wheels, combined with Shimano Br-Rs505 Flat Mount Hydraulic disc brakes complete this great performance oriented package. But the best part? This bike has superb ride characteristics!


The Vivo is equipped with BB86 integrated bottom bracket (Shimano’s chosen preference), flat-mount disc brakes, and 12mm thru-axles in order to future-proof the product as much as possible.


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While externally routing electronic shifting wires or even Rotor’s new hydraulic shifting lines through the cables is simple, internally running them can be a challenge. All of this is crucial because while it’s fashionable to talk about bikes that are worth upgrading, none of it matters if your bike’s standards become outdated in three years. And the Vivo Tre is a bike that will accommodate your development.


The Vivo rides excellently on the road because of its 28mm-wide tires, but it’s also perfect for dirt thanks to strong construction and wide 24mm-wide Stan’s Radler rims. Additionally, the bike is easy to climb because of its low gear 34/32 cogset.


Whether you’re seated or standing, the carbon fiber frame is robust under pedaling when you’re going up hill. When descending aggressively, the stiffness of the bike stands out.

The geometry requires a little more rider input for cornering than a race-style bike, but it provides a solid and confident feel that’s particularly welcome on pavement, where an overly quick front end might be skittish.


With fender eyelets and the ability to clear 34mm tires, the Vivo Tre can handle far more than most road bikes. The bike is also tuned to work well across a variety of uses, from group rides to light singletrack exploration. You can think of the Vivo Tre as an affordable road bike, adventure bike, and commuter all rolled into one.

Tech Specs

The carbon-fiber frame makes for a smooth ride whether you are seated or standing, and it is especially sturdy when going down steep inclines. The bike’s geometry requires that the rider put in more effort to turn corners than with other types of bikes designed for racing, but this design results in a stable ride that many users find desirable off pavement.

The frame has fender eyelets and can accommodate 34mm knobbies, which is more than what most road bikes can handle. The handling is a well-tuned middle ground that works excellently for various uses, from group rides to exploring light singletrack. This makes the Vivo Tre essentially three bikes—a road bike, an adventure bike, and a commuter—at an affordable price point.


For a while now, I’ve been visualizing the “one bike” that could be used for any type of road riding. Granted, in actuality no bike can excel at every single thing–if it’s good at one thing, it won’t be able to perform as well in other areas. But strangely enough, Masi’s Vivo Tre comes pretty darn close to meeting my original vision…and all without breaking the bank!


The Vivo Tre is our best-equipped model in the “All Road” category. The endurance rider will appreciate the less aggressive design of this machine, which makes it perfect for long challenges rides and Gran Fondos. The Vivo Tre is equipped with RS505 hydraulic disc brakes and a Shimano 105 group set, ensuring a fantastic ride with a taut frame that looks forward to the next one.