Vilano FORZA 3.0 Aluminum Carbon Shimano Sora Road Bike: Review

Vilano is known for its excellent inventions, and the Forza 3.0 is one of its classic and popular road bikes that features surprising components. This professional-level bike has achieved an impressive response from riders of all levels thanks to its design.


7104s--3LQL._SL1500_Vilano FORZA 3.0 Bicycle
Aluminum Carbon Road Bike

  • A Strong Lightweight 6061 Aluminum Frame w/ 12k Carbon Fiber Fork
  • Shimano STI Shifters
  • Shimano Sora
  • 24 Speeds to Handle any Situation
  • Free Pedals Included

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Brand: Vilano
Type: FORZA 3.0 Aluminum Carbon Shimano Sora Road Bike
Model: 550FORZA353-P

Size and Design

The Vilano Forza 3.0 is a 24-speed, medium caliber road bike with higher-quality parts and frame building than the typical, low-cost Vilano models available on the market.

In my opinion, this bike has a fantastic design. It is meticulously constructed with the needs of the rider in mind. It’s been created to provide outstanding performance. Its micro-shift gear levers are built to endure harsh conditions and operate effectively under a wide range of circumstances. nIt’s also quite robust and steady, making it ideal for riding on challenging terrain.


  • Entry level bike
  • Brakes and shifters are work properly
  • Carbon fork
  • Rims with the C&C machined braking surface
  • Quality bike
  • Pedals are pretty cheaply made
  • Bad tires, tubes and seat
  • The rim gasket is kind of shotty and does not fit the rim


The Vilano Forza 3.0 features full Shimano Sora parts, which is an excellent upgrade.

The wheels are 700 x 23c, but can handle a 25mm wide tire, and possibly a 28mm wide tire.

 The steering stem can be assembled in either a down position or sloping position (it is flippable), which is great for those who want a choice in how high they want the steering to be. 

The brakes work very well and the Carbon Fiber fork make a huge difference when riding on rough surfaces. The ride is very smooth, especially with such high pressure tires.

Typically, road bike tires are pumped at around 100psi, but the Forza 3.0 is around 120psi for the 23mm tires. This would typically make rough patches very uncomfortable to ride over, but with the Carbon Fiber fork, the ride is smooth and absorbs the shock surprisingly well.

Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum Lightweight Frame
  • Fork: 12k Carbon Fiber
  • Shifters: STI Shimano
  • Derailleurs: Full Shimano Sora
  • Speeds: 24
  • Brakes: Caliper
  • Wheel Size: 700 x 23c

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Another positive aspect of the Vilano Forza 3.0 are the size options. Riders are typically offered sizes between 50cm and 59cm; however, this model is offered in sizes Small to X-Large (49cm, 53cm, 57cm, and 61cm). These sizes are not often available, so for those who fit somewhere in between are likely to find a great fit with this model.

If you are an expert assembler, you will find that this bike will remain tight once everything has been put together, even after riding. This means less maintenance and less likelihood of screws stripping or nuts falling off or loosening.


I bought this bike as an experiment to see if I could be content with a drop bar, and wasn’t interested in spending too much money on the trial. My local bike shop did some set-up for me ($50) which was worth it – they had to true the rims among other things. After just a few 20 mile rides (it’s winter here), I’m very impressed with the bike. It may be entry level, but it functions well enough that I can get by for now.

The Shimano brand produces excellent quality shifters and deraileurs, Kenda tires are similarly respected, while the added bonuses include a carbon fork and machined-surface rims.

I am 5’8” with a 31” inseam and the standover height is just about perfect for me; though for greater comfort I replaced the saddle, pedals (the stock ones were poorly made), and opted to change out the stem for a 31 degree unit which raised the bars considerably.

If you’re not looking for an flashy low aggressive design, this bike is perfect for you. Its performance so far has been great and I would recommend it to anyone getting into the sport or those on a budget. In my opinion, it’s built with enough quality that it should last years before needing an upgrade – which makes it a pretty good buy overall. Just keep in mind that its an entry level bike when making your decision.

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This model is supposed to come with 54 teeth in the large crank chainring, but it only has 52. However, you can take the 11T ring from an old mountain bike and replace the 12T on this one.

The seat that comes with this bicycle is very uncomfortable and not at all soft. It’s recommended that you get a new seat, but if you don’t mind being uncomfortable, then you can keep the lightweight seat that it came with. There also isn’t anywhere to attach a kickstand, so parking can be difficult unless there’s a bike rack nearby.


The standout feature of this bike has to be the Carbon Fiber fork. This particular component makes a noticeable difference in how the bike handles, and is therefore a great upgrade. The fork does an excellent job at absorbing shock, as well as being stronger overall.


The complete Sora derailleur components are another highlight. The Sora is a fantastic addition to any road bike, and it’s well worth the money. The 24 speeds available make handling any grade or road condition a snap.

Finally, the bicycle’s design is fantastic. This one has angles to it that emphasize its aerodynamic appearance, with a matte silver paint job, black handlebars, seat, seat post, and tires. Overall, it’s quite attractive for both sexes.


The functionality of the 24 Speed Vilano Forza 3.0 was very surprising. While there are typically some issues with functionality in bikes of this caliber, the Forza does a great job in minimizing these issues. Even though the pedals seem a bit heavy and the seat is hard as a board, the actual function of this bike deserves a great rating.

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The tires on this model are especially good. Most Vilano bikes have been known to feature less than ideal tires, to put it nicely. However, this Forza 3.0 features pretty excellent tires that protect the inner tube, offer fast and smooth riding, and have high pressure psi for a slightly aero-type ride.

While a high pressure tire would typically be hard on the body, the Carbon Fiber fork really takes a lot of the shock out of riding this bike, even over rougher roads. This makes for a fast bike, smooth ride, and easy shifting.



The Matte Silver Vilano Forza 3.0 can be found on Amazon for around $562 to $625 at this time, depending on which size you purchase.

Overall Impression

The Vilano Forza 3.0 is not only our choice, but also the manufacturer’s choice for exercise, club riding, and commuting. And they created a fantastic design that demonstrates how trustworthy it is with these goals in mind. The upright riding style with a custom fit assures riders that it’s a dependable motor. When you pull those levers, the Radius caliper brakes on the bike considerably reduce speed. Overall, the Vilano Forza 3.0 is a well-built machine that you’ll enjoy using for many activities.

If you’re looking for a great performance bike at an affordable price, this is the one for you. It has so many great features that make it worth investing in. Share your thoughts on this bike by commenting below.