Popular Models Canyon Bikes Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

What is the best way of competition? The key is to implement cutting-edge technologies as you develop your product and charge less for it than the competing manufacturers. This is the strategy that was chosen by Canyon as it conquers new markets.

After it conquered Europe, it came overseas with its models that cost up to 30% less than similar competitive models. A Canyon Bikes review is going to uncover the secrets of success that conquered the markets of different countries like a storm. It’s enough to read any canyon road bike review to see that the trademark is worth attention, but we will go deeper to see how the enterprise evolved and how such a success can be explained. 

The secrets of the brand’s success: Best Canyon Bikes

The specifics of the marketing policy is the organization of sales directly to consumers. One shouldn’t look for a retailer to buy the commodity and buys it directly in the outlet of the enterprise. It helps to economize on resellers thus giving the opportunity to offer huge discounts on bikes. As for technological performance, the result is impressive after the company was rewarded many times.

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The arrival of the brand to the USA caused anxiety among the participants of the market as its successful marketing model can decrease their sales.

The menu on the official site includes the following sections:

  • Road
  • Gravel
  • Mountain
  • E-bikes
  • Hybrid

Each section in its turn is subdivided. For instance, the road bikes include: Aero bikes, Cyclocross, Endurance, Race and Triathlon Bike.

The popular models of the company: Canyon Endurace Review

Canyon Endurace is one of the most popular road bikes manufactured by the company. 

Canyon Endurace review

The manufacturer cares about the rider offering the model with fantastic sport geometry. It puts the person in a relaxed riding position removing neck and shoulders pressure for comfort and higher endurance during durable trips.

The best specialists worked over the optimal riding position delivering a long-distance convenience to the lovers of cycling. A flexible seatpost contributes to comfort making pedaling more efficient so the person riding the bike doesn’t even notice how long distances are covered without effort. 

Endurace CF SL Disc 7.0

Photo Endurace CF SL Disc 7.0

The bikes feature a minimalist design that captivates a heart with its simplicity. The appearance with the blacked-out rims and a fantastic matt glowing paintjob makes the vehicle stand out.

Supreme quality carbon components and easiness of assembly are additional advantages of this bike. A canyon endurance bike review said that similar bikes of other brands are 1000 USD more expensive. Price competitiveness is the main benefit of this model. 

Canyon Strive CF 7.0

If you look for the best canyon mountain bike, this is the right option for you. Assembly is pretty easy when performed even by absolute noobs with a bit of technical understanding. It is enough to push the button to change the geometry of the bike. The shapeshifter delivers excellent downhill stability or an enhanced pedaling efficiency.

Photo Canyon Strive CF 7.0

The company employs a technology developed by in-house engineers to give the capability to adjust the fork so that the vehicle could be stiffer on the front for more efficient climbing. When modes are changed, it affects the position of the seat and fork.

The model features a full-carbon frame that is thoroughly tested in the lab where it received the maximum point on the toughness scale. Besides, the carbon frame is protected by the downtube protector so that the flying stones won’t harm it. 

The bike features excellent looks and performance. If you think of long-distance hilly rides, you should consider this option. The comfy and agile bike is superb for climbing. Pay attention to the Canyon Mountain bike size chart before ordering the item.

Canyon Aeroad CF SL 8 Disc

Photo Canyon Aeroad CF SL 8 Disc

If you want the best road bike, this is a superb alternative! It features an ultra-light frame and has excellent aerodynamic characteristics.

 With optimization of riding features and maximum functionality of the model, the manufacturer managed to deliver an absolutely amazing super-fast bike. 

A comfortable and smooth ride is guaranteed. With the capability of agile handling and carefully crafted high-quality components, it was honed to perfection!

Canyon Inflite CF SLX 7.0

Photo Canyon Inflite CF SLX 7.0

The bike with an intriguing design is the best start for beginning ambitious racers. The model was developed for cyclocross purposes.

It features a carbon frame, a comfortable top tube with a unique bend that makes the model look a little eccentric but this only contributes to its stunning look! 

With its SRAM rival crank, the model is prepared for tough rides. Equipped with tubeless tires, the model caters to the needs of the most demanding racers. 

Canyon Grail CF SL 8

Photo Canyon Grail CF SL 8

The bike designed for gravel riding is incredibly light. It features astonishing design and stability. The model comes with two variations, which are the SLX chassis and the SL version.

The design characteristics remove all vibrations, help to stay in an upright riding position that is more comfortable for a person.

A slender fork looks perfect with a frame. A curvy-shaped saddle sitting on a smartly designed post is suitable for gravel riding. A saddle works in harmony with a post that has a split providing comfy flex. 

Canyon Speedmax CF 8

The official site points out the exceptional ergonomics and aerodynamics of the model. This is a wonderful trail bike with excellent build quality and a great wheelset that offers a smooth and fast ride. The frame protects the cables from the wind keeping them inside that makes the maintenance more complicated but that is a usual thing for the aero frame. A rider has plenty of control thanks to a relatively long wheelbase. A curved seat tube looks unusual hugging the rear wheel. It was made with the goal of cutting drag. If you need a high-end performance, you will certainly get it with this model.

Photo Canyon Speedmax CF 8

Are these models still acute for 2023? This is definitely so. If you need a bike that rides like a dream, you can purchase any of these bikes.

Also, you should consider new canyon bikes 2021. The following new models of mountain electric bikes are offered for customers: Grand Canyon, Neuron, Spectral, and Torque. As for the hybrids, you should consider such new models as Pathlite and fitness e-bike Roadlite.

The background behind the brand

Founded in the 1980-s in Germany, the company developed fast. It was established by Roman Arnold who was fond of racing. His father was a sales representative who sold Italian bicycle parts. The son often traveled with him. With time, Arnold opened his own shop selling goods from the garage, which was his part time activity.

The goods were sold from the garage. Gradually, it evolved into an enterprise. The company became a dealer of different famous bike brands. For instance, it was a Trek dealer at a certain period of its work and took the leading positions at that. But there was a dream to start their own company, and it eventually became real.

First, they used mail-order catalog to offer the commodity, then with the advent of the internet it all moved online. In this way, the enterprise became the first of its kind in the industry.

Secrets of its success

One of the secrets of its success was the choice of the staff. Only highly qualified specialists were invited to work. When the team was at last formed, its international growth followed. The brand started to conquer French, Italian, English, and Spanish markets. It gained success in more than one hundred markets in different parts of the world.

Being the largest European bike manufacturer with a staff that exceeds 800 people globally, the brand continues to evolve. Best Canyon bikes can compete with similar models from the most famous bike brands in such aspects as performance, design, and quality.

 The company invited the best engineers to manufacture the best canyon road bike and they succeeded. Judging by Canyon mountain bike reviews, the customers who selected the brand don’t want to purchase products of other brands. 

The quality control is organized on a high level. The employees try their best especially when new canyon bikes are released. The result says for itself – almost each canyon bicycles review is either positive or exuberant.

Selling carefully crafted products that are thoroughly tested contributes to the development of the brand. However, the distribution model makes it even more successful, increasing the revenue of the brand by 30% annually. The combination of these factors makes the work of the manufacturer highly efficient.

So, we have determined the value of Canyon bikes and their excellent price-quality ratio that is much better than other high-end bikes at a similar price range.  The brand is also a sponsor of numerous biking teams.

Research and development is the key

Extensive research is always conducted by the company at its factory that is located in Koblenz. The employment of computer-assisted engineering helps to design light and robust frames known for their stiffness. For instance, in 2017 the company worked over new frames that were specially designed for women.

After the company received the results of the research, the findings were implemented in their new models. As a result, Canyon Endurace and Canyon Ultimate models were developed with a specific geometry developed for women. The models were highly assessed and still remain very popular and acute. You can find the proofs of it in any Canyon Endurace review 2020.

This research affected the production line considerably and changed the models released later even if they were designed for men and women. An example of it is Aeroad model that features the same frame suitable for unisex use. However, there are some details in the model that remind us of this slow revolution in the design of bikes.

Some elements remind us about female specifics such as the design of a saddle or smaller handlebars. Such bikes are usually marked with the letters WMN that means that the vehicle was designed with a female frame that can also be referred to as unisex despite the fact that it has some components that were created with women in mind.

If you want to buy the best Canyon mountain bike, for instance, you can run across some details that may not be clear for you. For instance, a frame grade can be marked with letters, where AL stands for aluminum, CF – for carbon fiber. The combination of letters CF SL denotes Carbon Fibre Super Light, and CF SLX means Carbon Fiber Super Light Extreme.  The changes to componentry are specified with Disc/Aero mark. Also, pay attention to the Canyon bike size chart to select the right option for you.

In The End

You can easily determine the size of your bike with help of a special tool on the site. There you have to put in your height and inseam parameters to get the answer and order a suitable size for you. If you face some problems, you can apply to the company for help.

All customer reviews mention a very good service of the company. Supportive and helpful employees do their best to please their clients and solve all problems that arise. The company offers 6 years guarantee and ready to help its users to fix all problems that arise during this period. Such things as the delivery before the appointed date occur rather often. This is how the brand gains loyal customers. Clean-looking bikes are highly appreciated by clients who enjoy perfect rides. If you need a bike that inspires confidence, this is certainly Canyon bike!