Megadice Lotto: Your Guide to Double Your Chances to Win!

One of the unique games is Megadice Lotto because it’s one of the biggest instant wins you can get when playing in Canada. You’re just one roll 7 dice away from winning up to $7,500. If you match all 6 out of 6 numbers in a traditional drawing, you can get a jackpot of up to $100,000.

The possibilities are great because you can play in the morning and wait for the evening draw. Watch the game results every night at 10:30 pm (ET) to see who the next winner is. And there is only a 1 in 3.85 chance that you will become one instantly in the morning. The odds of winning the jackpot are slim (1 in 6,620,984), but you could win other prizes (or at least get your ticket price back).

Double Your Chances шт Megadice Lotto to Win!

The peculiarity of the lottery is that you can get an instant win and take advantage of another chance here. The main draw takes place immediately, at the time of ticket registration, and the additional draw takes place in the evening, at 22:30. So don’t rush to throw away your ticket – you may have won a million. The essence of the game is to select a ticket from the lottery machine, pay for it and “throw” virtual dice. Suppose 7 identical numbers appear on them. Then, you can get the instant jackpot – $7,500 (the chance of being that lucky is 1 in 279,936). If you are less lucky and guess other combinations, you can get the worst possible – get your ticket price back or get $1,500 (here, the chances are higher – 1 in 55,987).

During tonight’s night light drawing, you can expect to win $100,000 (1 in 3,262,623 chances). However, keep in mind that the total prize fund is limited to $1,000,000 at a time, and therefore, it will be calculated by considering all the winners and dividing them according to the guessed combinations.

For example, 1,000,000 tickets were sold for $2 before the drawing. In this case, the total income from the lottery is $2,000,000, of which $1 million is paid out. Then among the winners were those who guessed 6 out of 6 numbers – 1 (100% of the prize fund), 5 out of 6 + bonus number – 10 tickets (5%), 5 out of 6 – 100 (2.5%), 4 out of 6 – 1000 tickets (1.5%) and 3 out of 6 – 10000 tickets (3% of the total prize pool).

Megadice view.

Play Twice, Win Twice with Megadice Lotto!

This lottery has been running since May 2014. Since then, sessions have been held every evening at 10:30 pm ET, where players get a second chance. Before this time, it is important to buy a ticket and play the first game. It occurs using a particular lotto machine located at physical points of sale (stores or gas stations). Using a random number generator, dice that make up a six-digit number are shown on the screen. It is important to collect a specific combination to receive a prize. But even if Megadice lotto results do not please you in this case, save your ticket until the evening and choose 6 additional numbers.

During the daily broadcast, balls with numbers are loaded into the lottery drum. Then, 6 of them are drawn randomly to form a number combination. If all or any of the numbers coincide with those you chose, we congratulate you! Check the table and claim your winnings. You can find out if you have won online on the official website or at the point of sale.

Don’t worry about honesty, though. The game is controlled by the state body OLG, together with auditors, about which reports are regularly provided. So rest assured that all winnings and winners are real, and you could be one of them very soon!

Megadice ways.

Winning Strategies in Megadice Lotto

Winnings in this game depend only on luck. In the first round, dice combinations are played, which rely only on the random number generator’s operation. And it is carefully checked by auditors and the management company. So, it is simply impossible to influence the results. But if you pay an extra dollar, you can take advantage of the chance in the second round, which is no different from the traditional lottery.

In this case, you can use some tricks that will not fool the system but may increase your chances. For example:

  1. Play in syndicates, allowing you to buy many tickets simultaneously.
  2. Use random number generators to come up with ideas you would never guess.
  3. When choosing winning numbers, check historical hot and cold numbers to determine which numbers appear more often or less frequently than others.
  4. Don’t bet on “lucky” dates or any other numbers that matter specifically to you since the probability of winning them is very low.
  5. Play with friends or family to come up with numbers collectively.

In the latter case, the winnings will likely have to be shared, but you will have a great time and luck will likely smile on you for the responsibility of greed. But in any case, your experience will be associated only with gambling, and therefore, the lottery should be treated that way. Just have fun; that’s the secret. Winning will only be a pleasant bonus.

How to Play Megadice Lotto

To start playing Megadice lotto OLG, you must live in Canada and be over 18 years old. Then, you can come to the point of sale and buy your first ticket from the lottery machine. Dice will appear on the screen, allowing you to instantly find out if you are the next winner of the quick lottery. 

If you paid extra for the second game, try to guess 6 more numbers. You can do this using a random number generator or yourself, using your imagination. Please note that in this case, you will have to pay first before you can play the lottery. In the evening, watch the draw online or check the numbers when it happens on the official website or where you bought your ticket. 

If you win, you can receive a small prize at the point of sale, but to receive $25,000 or more, you must verify your identity and submit a request to OLG.

Megadice numbers.

Weighing the Pros and Cons Megadice Lotto

Just because this Canadian lottery allows you to get instant results is not the only reason why it is so loved. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this game, guided by the table:

Advantages Disadvantages
✅ Two draws per day: More chances to win ❌ Low odds of winning the jackpot: 1 in 3,262,623
✅ Affordable: Tickets only cost $2 ❌ No guarantee of winning: You can spend a lot of money and win nothing
✅ Variety of prizes: You can win the jackpot, as well as other prizes ❌ Prizes depend on the number of participants: The jackpot may be smaller if many people play
✅ Can be played online: Convenient and accessible ❌ Risk of addiction: Gambling can be harmful
✅ Fair and transparent lottery: Draws are conducted by an independent auditing firm ❌ Taxes must be paid: Winnings over $5,000 are subject to taxes
✅ Responsible gaming: OLG offers tools to help players game responsibly ❌ Not available in some countries: You can only play Megadice Lotto in Ontario, Canada

Play In-Store Megadice Lotto and Track Your Wins!

The game can only be played at stationary points of sale in stores and other similar places. But you can also watch the winnings and the evening draw online. There are two ways to do this: go to the official website of the OLG or download the application from the Play Market or App Store.

Downloading will only take a few minutes, and you will get a powerful assistant to draw lottery tickets. Here, you can always stay updated with the latest changes and games, find Megadice lotto numbers, and receive helpful information. With such a utility, it will become even more accessible to play, and you will be able to get closer to success.

Megadice app.

How Much Can You Win in Megadice Lotto?

To understand the question, “How much is a Megadice lotto?” we need not one table but two. This is explained by the fact that there are two options for winnings: instant, as soon as you pay for the ticket and the second – evening. So when you see your numbers, check the table; you might be a winner.

Winning Roll Description Prize Odds of Winning Dice Notation
7 Ones (1s) $7,500 1 in 279,936 7 x ⚀
7 of a Kind (2s – 6s) $1,500 1 in 55,987 7 x ⚁, 7 x ⚂, 7 x ⚃, 7 x ⚄, 7 x ⚅
6 of a Kind $100 1 in 1,333 6 x ⚁ + ⚀, 6 x ⚁ + ⚂, 6 x ⚁ + ⚃, 6 x ⚁ + ⚄, 6 x ⚁ + ⚅, 6 x ⚂ + ⚀, …, 6 x ⚅ + ⚄
4 of a Kind + 3 of a Kind $25 1 in 266.61 4 x ⚁ + 3 x ⚀, 4 x ⚁ + 3 x ⚂, 4 x ⚁ + 3 x ⚃, …, 4 x ⚅ + 3 x ⚄
5 of a Kind $10 1 in 88.87 5 x ⚁ + 2 x ⚀, 5 x ⚁ + 2 x ⚂, 5 x ⚁ + 2 x ⚃, …, 5 x ⚅ + 2 x ⚄
3 of a Kind + 3 of a Kind $5 1 in 33.33 3 x ⚁ + 3 x ⚀ + ⚀, 3 x ⚁ + 3 x ⚀ + ⚂, 3 x ⚁ + 3 x ⚀ + ⚃, …, 3 x ⚅ + 3 x ⚄ + ⚅

The second table for the evening drawing at 22:30 will allow you to win an even bigger prize. The maximum winnings in this case will be $100,000. And it’s worth it, even if the odds are slim.

Number of Winning Numbers Matched Prize* Odds of Winning
6 of 6 $100,000 1 in 3,262,623.00
5 of 6 + Bonus Number $5,000 1 in 543,770.50
5 of 6 $250 1 in 16,992.83
4 of 6 $15 1 in 411.95
3 of 6 $3 1 in 29.90

Where to Buy Your Ticket Megadice Lotto

You can buy a ticket from retailers in Canada where the OLG machine is installed. This could be a nearby store or gas station. You can also look at the lottery office nearby. In order not to rely on your instincts in this matter, it is best to use the help of the official website.

Find the lottery on the OLG website to see the nearest sales points on the map. Here, you can get up-to-date information and narrow your search. What you want is very close to your home or work.

Explore Other Games with Megadice Lotto!

And if your soul wants variety, then you can look at other pranks on the site. Canada constantly holds lotteries, because this is one of the most favorite ways of entertainment for the residents of this country. So on the OLG website you can find many more interesting offers, for example, in the TOP 3 best you can include:

  1. Lotto Max – we compete for a mega prize of $58,000,000 or $1 Million.
  2. Lotto 6/49 – top winnings will be $5,000,000.
  3. Ontario 49 – your jackpot could be $2 Million.

By participating in these games, you can not only gain a new lottery experience, but also increase your chances. And indeed, it’s not for nothing that we were told: don’t put all your eggs in one basket: it’s worth choosing several game options to try your luck. So head to your nearest retail outlet – your million may already be waiting for you!