Orro Pyro 105 Disc Traditional Road Bike: Review

Only in 2014 has Orro Bikes become well-known for making high-performance and cutting-edge road bicycles, establishing a reputation as a maker of high-quality bikes.

Orro is one of a number of new companies attempting to break into the British cycling market. i-Ride, which distributes De Rosa, Fulcrum, and Northwave among other well-known names, should be familiar with the subject. So let’s have a look at how the Orro Pyro 105 measures up against its competitors.


DSC_0472_480x480Orro Pyro 105

Disc Traditional Road Bike

  • Efficient British endurance cycle
  • Impressive handling
  • Carbon fiber frame
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Great mid-range bike for the money

Component Range

The Orro Pyro 105 Disc is a mid-range road bike with standard components. Mid-range parts are ideal for bikers who ride their road bikes on a semi-regular basis. They will last a long time and perform more regularly than entry-level components.

However, because it is a mid-range bike, performance is slightly decreased and weight is somewhat increased when compared to high/enthusiast-level components. This isn’t an issue for most people unless you’re on the track or competing as a professional cyclist.


Shimano 105 Groupset

The Shimano 105 is the most common groupset on the Orro Pyro 105 Disc. The 105 is a mid-range component group from Shimano. It’s the workhorse road group of choice for serious riders, and it has become the most popular groupset ever on the road.



  • Frame Material: Carbon Fiber (Toray carbon fiber lay-up)
  • Groupset: Shimano 105
  • Speeds: 22
  • Brakes: Shimano 105 Disc
  • Tires: Continental Ultra Sport (standard)


Traditional Road Bike Design

The Orro Pyro 105 is a Traditional Bike, as the name implies. These are built with speed in mind and thus may sacrifice comfort. While this does limit comfort, the Pyro 105 is actually quite pleasant to ride while remaining quick.

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Important Items to Bring with You on Every Road Bike Ride

The bike is composed of carbon fiber and is quite stiff and light, with a highly efficient geometry. The greater the power transmission to the drivetrain, the better. The handlebars are lowered than the seat for an aerodynamic posture benefit, and the wheels are closely packed together for improved handling quickness.


Frame Material

The Gold STC is Orro’s top product, taking advantage of their collaboration with British carbon composite firm Sigmatex and exclusive use of spread-tow carbon fiber material, which is laid up in a chequerboard pattern and is said to use less resin, resulting in a lighter, stronger yet more compliant frame. Glew claims that Orro have developed STC strategically in specific locations to attain these desired characteristics.

“It’s a race-ready ride with all-day comfort and is the pinnacle example of Orro’s approach to road bike creation,” Glew explains. The frame shape leans toward an endurance-style bike, matching the all-day goals of the carbon layup.

The frame is available in either caliper or disc brake versions, and you may have it hand-painted by Orro if you want to add a touch of exclusivity. The non-signature Gold STC is only available in black.

In terms of construction, the Gold STC is available in three different models and will be retained for 2017. All of Orro’s road bicycles are equipped with aftermarket components from well-known brands such as Fulcrum, 3T, and Prologo. It’s a spring-loaded design that can be removed but is otherwise a considerate, integrated safety feature. The rear light is built into the seatpost clamp. It has two modes: constant and flashing, and it may be found on most of Orro’s road bikes. It’s a spring-loaded design that may be removed but is otherwise an intelligent, incorporated nod to safety.



The Orro Pyro 105 Disc is available in the following frame sizes:

  • XS (48.5cm — 50.5cm)
  • S (51cm — 53cm)
  • M (53.5cm — 55.5cm)
  • L (56cm — 58cm)
  • XL (58.5cm — 60.5cm)


Orro’s latest model is a fine example. The bike was created by the UK’s largest bicycle distributor, which last year decided to start its own brand from its headquarters in Sussex. This Pyro Disc bike is available in a variety of configurations. It’s lightweight and stable, with good handling and plenty of features for the money. However, on slippery roads, you can’t put a price on excellent brakes.

The Orro Pyro disc bike is designed for traditional riding. This bike features a Toray carbon fiber frame and mid-range components (Shimano 105 groupset). It’s durable, lightweight, and good for most riders who are beyond beginner but don’t require professional equipment. This British machine is surprisingly efficient as a top-performing endurance machine and can withstand regular usage on the road without issue.

Orro produces high-quality bikes with up-to-date designs and great finishes. We think they’re doing a fantastic job and no matter what kind of road cycling you’re into, Orro has got you covered.