Tout Ou Rien: Massive Jackpot & High Winning Odds

Millions of Canadians choose the Tout Ou Rien lottery because it allows them to win a top prize of $250,000. The odds are great – 1 to 4.54, and one ticket costs only $2. And even if your numbers don’t appear on the list today, you can expect to get back 54.62% of what you spent in the long run.

Since its launch in 2014, the game has earned immense trust among players. So, every day at 10:30 pm ET, gambling enthusiasts gather in front of screens and monitors to watch their results. The winnings are real; you can even see real lottery winners in official sources.

Feature Value
Top Prize $250,000
Odds of Winning 1 in 4.54
Ticket Price $2
Long-term Return 54.62%
Launch Year 2014
Odds of Winning the Jackpot 1 in 1,352,078

Features of Tout Ou Rien

Experienced players have a good chance of winning in Tout Ou Rien results a jackpot of $250,000. To do this, you must guess 12 numbers to get a payout of 100%.

The jackpot is not progressive and is fixed at one amount. But, according to the conditions, if someone else names the same numbers as you at the same time, then the payment will be divided between the winners.

For example, 10 players matched all 12 numbers, and the entire $250,000 would be divided equally. As a result, everyone will receive $25,000. If there are fewer winners, the proportional winnings will be $250,000/5=$50,000.

Tout ou rien view.

How to start playing Tout Ou Rien

To play loto Tout Ou Rien, we first buy a ticket. Next, we select 12 numbers from 1 to 24. If you wish, you can use RNG. This is possible both at physical points of sale and on the website. The bet will win if it matches any category of numbers from the table. The ticket price is 1-10 euros, depending on the selected functions. And in the evening, after 22:30, you will be able to find out whether your bet was justified by victory.

Loto-Québec operates the lottery itself and is government-owned. Therefore, Canada carefully ensures that winnings are distributed relatively and players feel safe. So the process is entirely automated, and the human factor is not involved here, and the resultat Tout Ou Rien are published online and in official media.

Tout Ou Rien Strategies

Because it is similar to the classic lottery, some strategies to take the Tout Ou Rien resultat can be used here. They can help bring your winning date closer or allow you to have a good time. For example, what would you say if you were advised to play a game with friends or family so that you could choose numbers together? You can recruit a whole group to have fun, try your luck, and win a tidy sum. Many players do this, and some become members of syndicates to buy many tickets at once. In reality, there are even more strategies that are not without meaning.

So, here’s what seasoned players on the forums recommend:

  1. Regularly participating in lotteries can increase your chances of winning.
  2. It is better not to choose numbers in a row since the chances that precisely the same number will appear are minimal.
  3. To select numbers, it is better to use a random number generator to choose those that are not mainstream.
  4. Study the strategy through the history of winnings to choose the “hot” numbers (those that occur most often) or the “cold” numbers (those that occur less frequently).
  5. Do not choose numbers that indicate the birth dates of loved ones or your own unless you want to increase the risk.

Any number has the same chance of winning. So, the only way to take Tout Ou Rien résultats is to participate in lotteries so that quantity turns into quality constantly. You must also remember responsible gambling rules and treat the game as entertainment. So have fun playing and one day luck will smile on you.

Mobile application for playing Tout Ou Rien

Choose how you prefer to play: online, using a mobile application or in a lottery machine. You can use the random number generator to select numbers, pay for the ticket and wait for the evening’s winnings.

Ticket prices range from $1 to $10. It all depends on how many additional options you choose. You can then wait for the evening game and check the results on the websites of Loto-Québec, OLG, WCLC, and others.

If you win, you should receive a notification by mail. But even if this does not happen, present your demands to the point of sale or the official organizer.

Tout ou rien app.

Advantages and disadvantages of Tout Ou Rien

It’s hard to avoid getting carried away when playing loto quebec Tout Ou Rien, and it’s not just about the opportunity to win a good amount. We suggest you read the following table to find out the pros and cons of this game:

Advantages Disadvantages
✅ High chance of winning the jackpot: 1 in 2,704,156 ❌ Low chance of winning secondary prizes: 1 in 4.54
✅ Two chances to win the jackpot: Guess all 12 or 0 numbers ❌ Fixed jackpot: $250,000
✅ **Possibility to play online, in the mobile app, or in a retail store ❌ No possibility to choose your own numbers: Only computer generated numbers are available
✅ Low cost of a bet: From $1 ❌ Liability limitation: Loto-Québec is not responsible for lost or damaged tickets
✅ Additional games: Extra and Rejouer ❌ Gambling can be addictive

Where to play Tout Ou Rien

Play Tout Ou Rien loto Quebec offline, using a lottery machine or online at one of the official Lotto Quebec sites. The organizers also offer another convenient way to get closer to your favorite lotteries: download a mobile application to your smartphone or tablet. This way, you can constantly monitor the draws, buy tickets and play simply by taking the gadget out of your pocket.

The functionality is no different from that of a regular website. Here, you can also top up your account to immediately redeem tickets, play online and find out the result. Many Canadians are satisfied with their experience using such applications, which can be downloaded just a minute from the official website, Play Store or App Store. So download the application and play online wherever you are.

Tout Ou Rien results table

To find out what résultats Tout Ou Rien can await you, use the following table:

Winning Combination Number of Winning Combinations Odds of Winning Prize
Match all 12 numbers 1 1 in 2,704,156 Jackpot ($250,000)
Match 11 numbers 20 1 in 135,208 $5,000
Match 10 numbers 190 1 in 7,117 $1,000
Match 9 numbers 1,14 1 in 2,404 $250
Match 8 numbers 6,72 1 in 401 $50
Match 7 numbers 36,96 1 in 74 $10
Match 6 numbers 201,9 1 in 13 $5
Match 5 numbers 1,009,500 1 in 2.7 $2
Match 4 numbers 5,047,500 1 in 0.54 $1
Match 3 numbers 25,237,500 1 in 0.11 $0.50
Match 2 numbers 126,187,500 1 in 0.02 $0.25
Match 1 number 630,937,500 1 in 0.004 $0.10
Match 0 numbers 1 1 in 2,704,156 Jackpot ($250,000)

Sites for playing Tout Ou Rien

Vous pouvez découvrir tout ou rien résultats et acheter des billets pour le prochain jeu comme des machines de loto dans votre magasin ou station-service local, ou en ligne. Pour cela, rendez-vous sur les sites :


Ces sites contiennent également d’autres informations disponibles. Par exemple, les règles du jeu, une liste des gagnants récents ou des actualités.

What to play besides Tout Ou Rien

When playing the loterie Tout Ou Rien, you have a relatively high chance of winning compared to other games. But if you want to diversify your experience, there are other options you can try. Thus, Canada offers its residents the following sweepstakes:

Banco: The lottery offers as many as 3 jackpot chances and 5 additional games, with a maximum win of up to $20,000. But if you wish, you can choose Extra to get a million.

Astro: There are 2 jackpots and 7 additional games to win up to $25,000. You can also pay extra for extra with a chance of $1,000,000.

Triplex: Offers 3 prize tiers and 6 add-ons that will award you up to $1,000,000.

And you can increase your chances of winning the jackpot if you use it in all of these games. And these chances are given every day! So buy your ticket and take advantage of this unique opportunity to get rich by guessing the numbers.