Odds & Prizes: Understanding Your Chances in Pick 2

The Pick 2 lottery in Canada is one of the government lotteries held twice daily since 2012. You can find the results during the day at 2 p.m. (Eastern Time) and at 10:30 p.m. (Eastern Time). Until then, you must purchase and register tickets with two guessed numbers. Yes, this is one of the 2 dollar lotteries where you don’t have to come up with 7 or 10 numbers to win. It is enough to guess just two numbers; the gift is yours.

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You can only win up to $100 in the central part of the lottery. The chances are great, and there are 70-80 winners at one time. However, you can guess even with one number to cover the ticket cost. So luck will smile on you, too. But if you want to go further, you will need to pay an additional $1 for Enkor on OLG Pick-2 to get a chance to win a progressive jackpot ranging from $250,000 to $1,000,000. And it’s worth it even if the chances are 1 in 6,000,000 or 0.000017%.

Pick 2 for a $99 Chance

If, upon checking, you were lucky enough to indicate everything correctly in Pick 2 winning numbers, then you will receive a win. The catch is that you have to guess the numbers in exact order to get the main prize of $99 (1 in 100 odds). If only 1 number matches, you get back $2 (odds 1 in 11.11).

The game OLG Pick 2 also has a progressive jackpot. The task will be more difficult in this case: you must name 7 numbers. In this case, you can do this in different orders, and if at least some of them guess right, then you can count on a gift. For example, if you guess all 7 numbers by paying extra for Encore, you will get the maximum win: $250,000. Moreover, this jackpot is progressive. If no one wins next time, it increases with each subsequent game. In other cases, the rate is also fixed. For example:

If you guess 6 numbers, you will receive $100,000 (chances are 1 in 1,200,000 or 0.000083%), 5, your prize will be $1,000. You can compensate for the ticket cost if you guess 2 numbers (then you will just get $2, and the chances increase 1 in 11).

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Pick 2 Lottery: How to Play and Win in Canada

You can play Pick 2 midday every day and watch the draws in the morning and evening at a set time. The Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) offer the lottery. This is a nationwide game that is only available to 18-year-old Canadians.

The rules are simple: you need to choose 2 numbers out of 9. If you guess both, you will receive a win, if only 1, you will return the amount you spent on the ticket. You can use an additional option to get a higher payout. You can play in the store, on the website or a mobile application.

If you decide to go to a physical point of sale (store, lottery kiosk, gas station with the Lotto Spot function or OLG):

  1. Take your ticket at the box office.
  2. Select 2 in the coupon’s left field.
  3. Enter 2 numbers from 0 to 9 (if desired, repeat in another field).
  4. Decide whether you will participate in the additional game and indicate the remaining numbers if you decide.
  5. Give the seller the coupon to register and pay for it.

Now, you have to wait for the draw to happen and then check the winning numbers.

To play on the site:

  1. Go to the lottery web page.
  2. Click the button to purchase tickets.
  3. Select numbers or enter them automatically.
  4. Decide whether to participate in the bonus draw.
  5. Pay your ticket online using Apple Pay, Visa or MasterCard.

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The same can be done in the mobile application.

If you become a winner due to the Pick 2 evening drawing or during the day, you can collect your winnings up to $100 at the point of sale by confirming your ticket in the Lotto Spot terminal.

If the store is self-service, for this:

  1. Go to the terminal and scan the ticket barcode.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. Wait for payment.

After studying Pick 2 results in the mobile application, you’ll also need to scan your ticket, and then the money will be credited to your bank account. However, according to Canadian rules, you will not have to pay tax since the profit received is relatively small. So it belongs only to you in full.

Unlocking Pick 2: Strategies to Increase Your Chances

Many players use various tricks to increase the chances of getting a Pick 2 result positive. Yes, you won’t be able to deceive the system, but you can increase your chances of winning. If you do everything correctly, you’ll likely be able to choose the appropriate numbers.

Hot and cold number theory

In this case, the hot numbers are those that appear most often in the game, and the cold numbers are those that appear rarely. There are also expired numbers that last appeared a long time ago. So we suggest paying attention to them because, according to the theory, if a number has not been included in the drawing for a long time, then there is a high probability that it will appear right now.

Wheel strategy

Here, it would help if you collected combinations of 3-7 numbers that will rotate around each other, creating “wheels.” Group numbers by 3-7 numbers and place bets on all combinations you have chosen. For example, you decide numbers from 1 to 9; in this case, you get several combinations: “1, 3, 4”, “2, 5, 6”, “3, 7, 9” (the order can be any). Then, in our case, we select any combination of these wheels, indicating the numbers in any order: “1-5-7” or “3-2-9”, etc. Since our lottery requires choosing only 2 numbers for the minimum win, we can leave only 2 numbers (79 or 52, etc.).

Fibonacci numbers (golden ratio)

In this case, we can use the golden ratio rule and Pick a number between 1 and 2 according to the principle: each subsequent number is the sum of the two previous ones (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89). It is believed that everything in the world is built according to this theory for a reason, so why not use it to win the lottery? You can choose your winning numbers by matching the numbers according to this principle to increase your chances.

But remember that no matter your chosen strategy, the lottery is still a game of chance created only for you to have a good time. So play for fun, and don’t worry if it doesn’t work out this time.

Pick 2: Your Guide to Playing Methods, Odds, and Pros & Cons

To start the game, you can choose to Pick 2 OLG or go to the nearest point of sale. Tickets can also be purchased online through the mobile application. If you decide to play online, you can use the automatic number-filling feature to reduce time and trust chance. In another case, indicate the numbers from your head or those calculated using the strategy.

You can also become part of a syndicate that buys tickets and try to play in a team. Another way is to enlist the help of family and friends to throw a party where you all choose numbers together. There are a lot of ways to start playing, and they all depend on your lifestyle and preferences.

Many players thoughtfully approach choosing a lottery, assessing their chances of winning and financial capabilities. For example, they observe the history Pick 2 midday last 30 days to see the chances of winning this game. If you check the tables below, the main advantage is the high chances of winning (if you count on a minimum win). However, there are other reasons for choosing this particular type of lottery.

Below, we suggest you familiarize yourself with its pros and cons, which will allow you to decide:

Advantages Disadvantages
✅ Affordable price: Tickets only cost $2 CAD, making this lottery accessible to players with any budget. ❌ Small jackpots: The maximum jackpot for PIC-2 is $500,000 CAD, which is significantly smaller than some other lotteries.
✅ Quick draws: PIC-2 draws are held twice a week, giving players more chances to win. ❌ Low odds of winning: The odds of winning the PIC-2 jackpot are 1 in 2,831,250.
✅ Simple game format: To play PIC-2, simply choose 6 numbers from 28. ❌ No additional prizes: PIC-2 does not offer any additional prizes besides the jackpot.
✅ Available to play online: Players from all over the world can play PIC-2 online. ❌ Only available in Canada: PIC-2 is only available to players who reside in Canada.

Pick 2 Mobile App

You can download the mobile application to play, buy, and view the results of Pick 2 evening last 30 days and even more. It is available in stores for Android and iOS and will work on any smartphone running these operating systems. To play, you will need to register, but once you open your account, you will have access to new options:

  1. Quick notifications about lotteries and news.
  2. 24/7 access to your favorite games.
  3. Ability to quickly view the results.
  4. Fast withdrawal of winnings and deposits.
  5. Even more opportunities to win a million.

Here, you can access the history of winnings for almost the entire existence of each lottery. If you want to see, for example, the results of the Pick 2 evening 2022 game on any date, you can do it without any problems.

Pick 2 app.

Pick 2 Payouts: How Much Can You Win?

If the OLG Pick 2 winning numbers turned out to be correct, it’s time to figure out how much you won. It all depends on the number of numbers guessed. If you played the minimum, there are two options: get a maximum of $99 or return the bet amount. For those who take the risk, there are other offers, which we suggest familiarizing yourself within the table:

Category Prize Odds
7 Numbers $250,000 1 in 6,000,000 or 0.000017%
6 Numbers (Last 6 digits) $100,000 1 in 1,200,000 or 0.000083%
5 Numbers (Last 5 digits) $1,000 1 in 111,111 or 0.0009%
4 Numbers (Last 4 digits) $100 1 in 11,111 or 0.009%
3 Numbers (Last 3 digits) $50 1 in 1,111 or 0.09%
2 Numbers (Last 2 digits) $10 1 in 111 or 0.9%
1 Number (Last digit) $2 1 in 11 or 9.1%

Where to Buy Pick 2 Tickets

So, if you are satisfied with the prospects of Pick 2 evening results, it’s time to get your first lottery ticket. This can be done at physical points of sale or by going to one of the websites:

  • olg.ca;
  • wclc.com;
  • lottofy.com.

Each site is an official supplier of state lotteries. The drawings are broadcast from a single source and depend only on chance since a random number generator determines the numbers. So you can safely use their services. Here, in addition to Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 are also freely available, and you can try the chances in them.

Beyond Pick 2: Explore Exhilarating Canadian Lotteries!

And if you are already inspired by the results of Pick 2 midday 2022 and are ready to test your intuition for huge wins, you can look for an alternative. In Canada, sweepstakes are constantly held that make players real millionaires. Just think that some games even allow you to win not just once a year but for every day of your life!

So consider playing also:

  1. Daily Grand – the same lottery with $1,000 A DAY FOR LIFE.
  2. Lottario – Get a chance to win 1,460,000 EST.
  3. Ontario 49 – $2,000,000 could be yours.

You can also find other entertainment with multipliers and progressive jackpots. The odds can be in your pocket if you buy yourself a couple of tickets for the next drawing.

In the meantime, we suggest you look at Pick 2 results evening – perhaps your numbers are there? Take your chance and get rich with minimal investment, and may you be lucky today!