Your Guide to Pick 3: Play, Win, and Explore

Fans of daily lotteries choose Pick 3, and for good reason, because with it, the chances of getting a good win are high. We pay $1, $2, $5 or $10 per ticket, depending on the selected option (Quick Pick, Multi-Bet, Redemption and No Plug), choose 3 numbers and watch the results during the draws. Each day, they occur in the afternoon (2 p.m. ET) and evening (10:30 p.m. ET); after that, you can see the results in a table on the website.

The minimum win at a time is $2, which covers the ticket cost, and the maximum is a progressive jackpot of $250,000. But keep in mind that if there are several winners, it will be divided among the participants. He can receive much more if he does not win several games.

High Odds, High Rewards: Why Canadians Love the Pick-3

Many Canadians play OLG Pick-3 because of the relatively high winning odds. The organizers offered several game options with different bets and odds to increase players’ interest. Although jackpots will not allow you to become a millionaire, you can replenish your budget well if you are lucky.

You can play in:

  1. Straight – $500 or $5,000, 3-way box – $160 or $1,600, 6-way box – $80 or $800.
  2. 3 straight lanes/box and 6 straight lanes/box – $330/$80, $3,300/$800 or $290/$40, $2,900/$400 respectively.
  3. Extra – will win you $100,000 to $250,000 if you match 6-7 numbers or less if you match fewer numbers.

With so many lottery options, it can be considered one of the most profitable in Canada. The chances of your Pick 3 winning numbers being on the list tonight are high.

Pick 3 view.

Drawings twice a day, reliable results: immerse yourself in the world of Pick-3!

You can play OLG Pick 3 twice a day at 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. (PST). Until now, players register tickets with invented numbers. Next comes the drawing, which is distributed online on the website. The presenter throws balls into the lottery machine and waits until 3 with numbers from 0 to 9 fall out. The winning combination depends on the order, so you must strictly monitor it. Then, the computer independently checks the combinations to determine which numbers are winning. All Pick 3 results are then published on official sites and at points of sale.

Additionally, all results are random and cannot be manipulated. Also, the gaming process itself is verified by an official auditor. You can, therefore, trust the Canadian lottery and participate in it with complete confidence. By the way, residents of Canada aged 18 are allowed to play the game, so even if you are not a citizen of the country but reside in its territory, you can also try your luck.

The rules of the game are slightly different from other types of lotteries:

  1. Buy a ticket.
  2. Select 3 numbers.
  3. Specify the price.
  4. Pay the ticket.

You can choose the game mode depending on the amount of the bet. The peculiarities of calculating the numbers and the maximum winning amount will depend on this (the more expensive the ticket and the more difficult it is to guess the combination, the higher it is).

You can, therefore, choose the following:

  1. Straight – 3 numbers must match those falling from the lottery drum in the same order.
  2. Box – only 3 numbers need to match, and order doesn’t matter.
  3. Again – you need to match 7 numbers to win $250,000.

When purchasing a ticket, you decide your bets and odds. An amount of 1 to 10 dollars will allow you not to break the bank with all the money in the world, but it is always worth remembering the nature of the game. So, stay focused. Just play for fun!

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Explore Strategies for Pick-3

It is simply impossible to rig the outcome of Pick 3, as government agencies thoroughly audit the state lottery. Nevertheless, many participants try to increase their chances of winning using various tricks. For example, some players try to increase their chances by purchasing several tickets simultaneously, others use a random number generator, and others try to use more complex tactics.

Hot and cold numbers

To use this method, you must carefully familiarize yourself with the statistics. Pay attention to those Pick 3 winning number that appeared most often over about a dozen draws (hot ones). Those that came across least often (cold) also need to be examined. You should write them down to notice those that haven’t appeared.

Hot numbers may appear this time, too, so it is best to use them. At the same time, if you don’t want to lose, it’s better to avoid cold numbers. Because they are unlikely to hit in the next game. But at the same time, there remains a high probability that you will come across a number that has yet to come up before this time. This may be what you will include in the following list.

Mirror numbers

This is another exciting strategy with mirror numbers. It is obtained by adding 5 to the first digit (3 + 5 = 8). The idea is that the number 8 can participate in the game with a high probability since it is a mirror image of the number 3.

However, the chances remain small. Be careful with this strategy because it is based only on pure luck and perhaps the experience of a few previous winners.

Reference numbers

In this strategy, you will also have to go back to the history of previous games. It involves analyzing combinations in past games. Look at them carefully, and you can find some patterns that will help you choose your numbers.

In lotteries Pick 3 and 4 in Canada often use these strategies, but none guarantee 100% success. Randomness reigns in lotteries, so all numbers have the same chance of being drawn from the lottery machine. But in any case, you choose how you will select winning combinations. You should use multiple strategies to win next time.

Pick-3 Online 

To start playing lotto in Canada, visit your nearest retail outlet or use one of the online sites. For example, you can play Pick 3 OLG and simultaneously purchase tickets and view the results. You can also go to a gas station or lottery store to pick up a ticket, fill it out, pay for it, and give it to the seller. Then the results can be found later in the same place, and the winnings can be collected if you are lucky (but only if it is up to $1000).

But wasting time in line or leaving the house is unnecessary when you don’t want to. Thanks to websites, you can buy Pick 3 midday tickets online, even from the comfort of your couch. In this case:

  1. Find a suitable lottery on the website.
  2. Select numbers manually or using the automatic function.
  3. Go to the next page and, if desired, specify an additional betting option.
  4. Specify the bet amount and pay for the lottery conveniently.

The OLG  winning numbers Pick 3 of the drawings can be viewed on the website immediately after the broadcast.

Pros and Cons Pick 3

There are many reasons why this lottery could become your favorite. And it’s not just that in OLG Pick 3 winning numbers it will be much easier to guess than in other games. So we suggest that you familiarize yourself with its pros and cons in the table:


Advantages Disadvantages
✅ Simple rules: Easy to understand how to play. ❌ Small jackpots: The maximum Pick 3 prize is not very large.
✅ High chances of winning: The chance of winning a Pick 3 prize is quite high. ❌ Frequent draws: Two draws a day can lead to a quick budget depletion.
✅ Accessibility: Pick 3 tickets are available at authorized points of sale across Canada and online. ❌ No guarantee: There is no guarantee of winning, as in any lottery.
✅ Variety of bet types: You can choose the bet type that best suits you. ❌ Low return on investment: The chances of winning a big prize are not high.
✅ Ability to win multiple prizes: You can win multiple prizes on a single ticket. ❌ Competition: Many people play Pick 3, so the chances of winning are reduced.

Dive Deeper with the Pick-3 Mobile App

If you want to look at OLG Pick-3 winning numbers, you can also use the mobile application. You can download it from the Apple Store and Play Market. The download is free for everyone and takes just a few minutes.

There are several reasons to download this application:

  1. You will be much closer to your favorite games and can view information and buy lottery tickets anytime and anywhere.
  2. You will begin to receive push notifications that will allow you to stay updated with the latest changes in the lotto world and those directly affecting your page.
  3. You can quickly withdraw winning money using the mobile application conveniently.

To download the application, go to the store and click the download button. Everything will happen automatically within a few minutes. Next, you can log into the application as usual and, if necessary, register in it. Then, you can Pick 3 numbers and other essential information in just a few seconds.

Pick 3 App.

Pick 3 Winning Chances

Before participating in Pick 3 evening or tomorrow afternoon, it is important to determine the chances of winning. The following table will help you understand this:

Prize Category Prize Odds of Winning
7 Numbers $250,000 1 in 6,000,000 or 0.000017%
Last 6 Numbers $100,000 1 in 1,200,000 or 0.000083%
Last 5 Numbers $1,000 1 in 111,111 or 0.0009%
Last 4 Numbers $100 1 in 11,111 or 0.009%
Last 3 Numbers $50 1 in 1,111 or 0.09%
Last 2 Numbers $10 1 in 111 or 0.9%
Last Number $2 1 in 11 or 9.09%

Where to Play and See Your Pick 3 Results 

Buying your first lottery ticket is important if you want to see your Pick 3 results today after the next game. This can be done at a store or gas station. You can also immediately play the lottery online on the following sites:


Each of these resources is an official supplier of the national lotteries in Canada. They comply with all safety regulations and have proven themselves to be trustworthy. Here, you can buy tickets, watch broadcasts, and watch winning numbers. There is also the latest news from the world of lotteries.

Beyond Pick-3

And if you want to play not only Lotto Pick 3 but also diversify your experience, welcome to the world of the most honest lotteries in Canada! Canadians know how to pass the evening well and where the coolest winnings are. So pay attention to:

  1. Lotto Max is Canada’s #1 lottery game, competing for a progressive jackpot of tens of millions.
  2. Lotto 6/49 is a million-dollar lottery for fans of classic games.
  3. Daily Grand – will allow you to receive daily account replenishment and a chance to win a million-dollar jackpot or a prize of up to $250,000.

Your chances increase if you play more than one lottery but purchase at least several tickets. In the meantime, try your hand at the daily Pick 3 drawing, and $250,000 will be in your pocket after the next broadcast. So hurry up to register for the game and go ahead and try your luck!