Wheel of Fortune lotto: Win the $100,000 in this evening

In the Wheel of Fortune lotto game, you can win every day. Drawings occur at 10:30 pm ET; you only need to pay $2 per ticket to enter the lottery. This will allow you to win up to $100,000 this evening. To do this, you must guess 6 out of 39 words, which will be determined using a random number generator. Simple rules and high chances of winning are not the only attractions of this Canadian lottery. If you are already 18 and live in Canada, try your luck in this draw, and your account will likely be replenished with a round sum!


Feature Information
Game Type Quick Pick
Ticket Price $2
Draw Frequency Daily
Draw Time 10:30 PM ET
Jackpot $100,000
Jackpot Odds 1 in 3,262,623
Instant Win Yes
Bonus Features No

Features of the game in Wheel of Fortune 

Canadians are especially interested in jackpots when browsing the Wheel of Fortune lotto results. Here, the highest winning amount is $100,000. The winnings are fixed and do not increase over time. But if you are a winner, you can count on him entirely. But even if you didn’t manage to guess all the numbers correctly, you still have a chance to win prizes in other categories.

For example, the lottery has 2 types of prizes: instant and evening. In the first case, the minimum winnings will be $2, and to win it, you need the arrow to stop in a particular field after the pool. The minimum you can get for the evening is $3, and to win, you will only have to match 3 of the 6 words drawn during the drawing at 10:30 p.m.

The money for prize payments is calculated from the pool. That is, they are taken from the amount of money the organizers collected during ticket sales. The managers calculate their expenses for running the game, taxes, and other payments and pay the rest as prizes to the winners.

How to play Wheel of Fortune

There are two ways to play the Lotto Wheel of Fortune: we go to the nearest store with a lotto machine or to the official supplier’s website. The rules are simple; you can collect your first winnings after the first game, immediately after purchasing a ticket.

To play, follow the steps:

  1. Buy a ticket and pay 2 dollars. There is no need to choose numbers, nor do you need to fill out receipts. Just pay for the ticket and click on the game to start.
  2. Watch the wheel spin on the terminal screen. Your winnings depend on where the arrow stops. If she stands on the field with the winning amount, you win!
  3. Contact the seller to pick up your winnings (as a rule, up to $1000-2000, you can do this on the spot). You must write to the lottery organizer’s website if the winnings exceed this amount.
  4. Keep your ticket until the evening so you can check it during the evening drawing. Then 6 words out of 39 are randomly selected.
  5. After the game, check the ticket to see if the words match and ensure you win (or need to buy another ticket).

The lottery itself is a Canada-wide lottery and is subject to local laws. Independent auditors and government agencies regularly check the draw for fairness and transparency. So, you can be sure that the random number generator works like a clock and that third parties will not influence it. Your winnings are entirely yours; they are genuine and honest, and if you become a winner, it is!

Tips in the game Wheel of Fortune

It would help if you relied only on your luck to get the winning wheel of fortune lotto winning numbers this evening. The results are determined only by the machine, which cannot be influenced from the outside. And this is carefully monitored by the lottery organizers and government agencies. Nevertheless, experienced players still enjoy choosing suitable winning strategies (though only for the evening stage since this is impossible in the first round).

So, here are some tips that can increase your chances of winning:

  1. Use only words that are frequently used. To do this, you can use the history of previous draws. The huge advantage is that the words generally remain the same from play to play, so this advice makes sense.
  2. Some words may be relevant at certain times of the year, so pay attention to the season. They may be more likely to fall out than others.
  3. Combine words in different ways. Please avoid getting stuck on the exact words; try mixing them randomly.
  4. Play responsibly. Don’t put your entire budget into the draw, and remember. This is a game of chance, and it can lead to both victory and defeat.
  5. Treat the game as entertainment because the process should first bring pleasure. When you stop thinking you must win the jackpot, luck will smile on you more willingly.

Or you can trust chance and use a random number generator (words in this case) to generate a (possibly) winning combination automatically. Remember that there is no guarantee that your chosen strategy will work, so have fun, participate in the lottery, and perhaps you will win very soon!

How to start playing Wheel of Fortune

So, you can’t wait to start choosing the wheel of fortune lotto winning words now? First, you must find a retailer with a Lotto Quick Pick machine. This lottery machine is found in stores, gas stations and other places so Canadians can play their favourite lotteries.


  1. Select a suitable draw from the machine.
  2. Pay for the ticket ($2).
  3. Wait for the words to appear on the screen and select 6 suitable ones.
  4. Participate in the first stage of the drawing by watching the virtual wheel spin on the screen.
  5. If the arrow stops in the winning field, you will win immediately.
  6. Save your ticket until the evening.
  7. Check it after the drawing to see if any words match.
  8. If the words match, check the winning table to find out the amount of your winnings.
  9. If you become a winner, you can pick it up at a retail point of sale (up to $1000-2000 – check with the seller). For more significant amounts, you will have to write to the organizers.

You can buy up to 20 tickets at a time to increase your chances. You can also register on the site to automatically buy tickets and not miss an opportunity to get rich.

Advantages and disadvantages of Wheel of Fortune

For those who still have doubts, we present a table of the pros and cons of this lottery:

Advantages Disadvantages
✅ Quick and easy game play: No need to choose numbers, simply purchase a Quick Pick ticket. ❌ Small jackpot: The maximum prize is $100,000, which is significantly smaller than some other lotteries.
✅ Two chances to win: Each ticket gives you a chance for an instant win and a chance to win in the nightly draw. ❌ Low odds of winning: The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 3,262,623.
✅ Affordable price: Tickets only cost $2, making this lottery accessible to many people. ❌ No ability to choose your own words: You can only purchase a Quick Pick ticket with random words.
✅ Chance to win instantly: You can win a prize immediately after purchasing a ticket. ❌ No chance to win big: The maximum prize for an instant win is $10,000.
✅ Popular lottery: Wheel of Fortune Lotto is a popular lottery, so you can easily find a place to buy tickets. ❌ Not available in some jurisdictions: Wheel of Fortune Lotto is not available in all jurisdictions.

Wheel of Fortune in mobile app

To find Wheel of fortune lotto words, you can:

  1. Go to a physical point of sale with a Lotto Quebec machine.
  2. Use the services of the official website.
  3. Download the application from the Android Market or App Store.

There is no particular app to play this lottery, but you can use one of the official organizers’ programs.

For example, downloading the OLG app gives you even more opportunities to win the lottery. Here, you can find all the relevant information about the draws and results; you can see the winners and find out if you are among them. Quick messages will allow you to follow the events of your favourite lotteries and take advantage of the next draw. You can also buy tickets and play them by simply taking your smartphone out of your pocket.

Wheel of Fortune Results Table

Who would have thought that even if you guessed the Wheel of Fortune lotto 3 words, you would already become a winner? Below is a payout table you should check to know how much you won (you might even hit the jackpot!).

Matches Winners Prize
6/6 0 $100,000.00
5/6 0 $500.00
4/6 13 $20.00
3/6 267 $3.00

Where to play Wheel of Fortune online

You must purchase tickets before participating in the first stage and the wheel of fortune lotto nightly draw write now. You can do this at your nearest store, newsstand or gas station with a Lotto Quebec machine. You can also do it even more simply and play where it is most convenient using olg.ca.

This official website belongs to the Ontario Lottery Organization, the verification body for the legality and transparency of lotteries. By using its services, you can be sure that all the lotteries you find on its pages are legal.

What to play besides Wheel of Fortune

And for those who want to diversify their experience, we also suggest trying their luck in the TOP 3 best lotteries in Canada:

  1. Lotto Max – will allow you to win up to $20,000,000 twice weekly. The chances are low, but the amount is high.
  2. Daily Grand will give you an excellent opportunity to receive $1000 daily in your bank account and so on for the rest of your life.
  3. Daily Keno is a great chance to win $2,500,000 every day.

These giveaways have an excellent reputation in Canada. All results are transparent and available in official sources, and the success of the real lucky ones can always inspire you.

In the meantime, grab your first Wheel of Fortune ticket and try out this unique opportunity to be a winner. The probability of your success is 1 in 3,262,623, but the sum of $250,000 is worth your passion! So play for fun and wait until the evening – you may already have won!