Best Italian Bicycle Brand Pirelli to Launch Line of Road Bike Tires – P Zero

Pirelli, the century-old tire maker based in Milan, Italy, will release a new line of road bike tires this fall. Returning to the world of bicycles, Pirelli will introduce P Zero Velo as a high-quality road tire brand. In recent years, while Pirelli has been concentrating more on motorcycle tires and racing car tyres, they have decided to use their P Zero brand for road bicycles instead of motorized usage.

The Pirelli P Zero Road is a lightweight, comfortable tyre that feels very quick and has an anti-puncture belt that aims to make it an all-rounder. In the dry, it feels like a race tyre, but in the wet it lacks grip when turning or climbing. The 24, 26, and 28mm widths are available.


PDX_tubularP Zero Velo

Pirelli Road Bike Tires

  • Lightweight
  • Grippy
  • Fast rolling
  • Good puncture resistance

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Pirelli also owns the “Clement” brand name, which is licensed by Donnelly Sports and sold as a global line of bike tires focusing on gravel, CX (cyclocross), and adventure wheels and tires.

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Since 1909, Pirelli has been supplying tires for the Giro d’Italia. They were a sponsor of the inaugural Giro d’Italia in 1909 and 30 of the 49 finishers used Pirelli wheels. Bikes, performance automobiles, and motorcycle tires have been produced by them since then.


Giovanni Battista Pirelli, a Milanese engineer, founded the company in 1872 and sold it to ChemChina, a Beijing-based firm, in 2015.

  • Constructed with an EVO Compound
  • TechBELT carcass
  • Good rolling resistance
  • Lightweight tire
  • Durable puncture protection
  • Good grip on wet surfaces
  • Rivals with cotton casings feel suppler

P Zero Velo

The Pirelli P Zero will take color-coded branding from their Formula One tires, which means there will be various colors for each type of tire: Road racing Silver Red Time trials Blue The four seasons Beginning in September, the new Pirelli tires will be sold throughout North America, Europe, and Apac., the company’s ecommerce website, will also offer access to the new Pirelli tires.


Specialty in Racing

“We’re ecstatic to return focus to cycling,” says Antonella Lauriola, the Velo Pirelli business unit’s COO. “Drawing on a long history of knowledge, technology, and sporting expertise, we create outstanding bicycles and bike products that are second to none. Today’s Pirelli product line is rounded out with tires designed for individuals who seek cutting-edge and technological bicycle components in the same way they do for their automobiles and bikes.”

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“We started from the racing sector, which is the most difficult in technical terms but also the most constant with our race-marked history,” stated Lauriola. “ We feel that this is where the Italian brand should begin, since their expertise in racing and endurance on motorcycles and automobiles will assist them in coming up with new and innovative ideas as they continue to produce road bike tires geared for: racing, time trials, and all-season usage.”

The Formula One Pirelli tires that are the inspiration behind the brand’s new road bike tires

Overall, I was disappointed by the dry-weather performance. It’s far below what I would expect from a tyre that Pirelli claims is suitable for all-around usage. As a result, when the roads were wet, I lost confidence in my ability to descend and turn as usual, which happened to be frequent.

I have ridden over 800 kilometers in a month of testing as I resist the urge to replace the tyres due to the weather. That’s far less usage than a tyre would be expected to endure, but it’s enough time and mileage to provide an indication of durability and wear. Aside from punctures, where I believe at least one was not caused by the tyre, all other journeys were trouble-free. The tread is quite thin, and while they aren’t likely to be endurance racing tyres, there is presently no flat spot or any indications of wear or cuts on either tyre.


The Pirelli P Zero Road is a fantastic all-around tyre. It has excellent wet weather grip and provides a pleasant ride while remaining fast enough to suit the demands of enthusiastic riders on dry or wet roads. However, when cornering or climbing in the rain, lack of traction can reduce your confidence and control.