Ultime Lottery: Spend $100, Win $1,000,000 with 1:4 Probability

By purchasing a billet Ultime, you get two chances to win a million. And it’s only $100. The unique thing about this lottery is that the overall probability of winning is 1 in 4. This means that even if you do not win the main prize, you all have a high probability of still being a winner.

In addition to the main draw with a million-dollar prospect, you can also receive instant prizes. So check your ticket as soon as you buy it – you may already have won. Keep a close eye on when the next lottery will be held since this is a limited edition, and the drawing is not regular.

Features of the game in Ultime

The last billet Ultime 2023, was played on May 26 last year, but this does not mean the lottery will no longer be held. It is necessary to follow the latest updates in official sources to know exactly when the date of the next draw is and have time to buy a ticket.

By paying 100 dollars, you can get 1,000,000 in total. This is a maximum amount that is independent of Ultime billet sold. Your task is to guess all 20 numbers matching the primary win. But even if you haven’t guessed everything, you can still count on:

  • 5 prizes of $10,000;
  • 50 prizes of $500;
  • 200 prizes of $200;
  • 1000 prizes of $100 each.

This means that the winnings will be distributed among the winners. The organizers also offer many instant prizes, allowing you to profit and enjoy the lottery.

How to play Ultime 

To play Ultime  loto Quebec, you need to understand its principles. So, the first step is divided into two stages: Game 1 and Game 2. You win if you find 3 identical symbols on the same lot. There is also Game 3, where you must erase the scratch coating and find 3 similar pictures. If they match one of the 20 winning numbers, then you will receive $1,000,000. If they match, but partially, the winnings are distributed according to the table.

The draw itself is part of the national lottery run by Loto-Québec. This Canadian organization has been showing itself on the positive side for many years, organizing only fair sweepstakes. They regularly conduct checks and publish their results in official sources. The drawing takes place using RNG, certified by an independent laboratory, and the process is broadcast live on TV. It is also available for viewing on the Internet on live channels.

Tips in the Ultime

Even though the tirage billet Ultime took place on May 26, 2023, it will be open for a while. Very soon, the organizers promise to hold it again, and then you may need the following recommendations from previous participants:

  1. Don’t use sequential numbers.
  2. Use a random number generator to choose numbers less likely to come up with a person.
  3. Study the statistics of the previous game – which numbers fell and which were left without participation.
  4. Play in a group, teaming up with friends or family to buy more tickets and come up with numbers collectively.
  5. Use different combinations of numbers to choose those that have a better chance of winning (for example, the Fibonacci sequence, when each subsequent number is equal to the sum of the previous two).

A draw consists of more than just guessing numbers. For example, you must erase shaded areas in search of symbols. However, when it comes to numbers, remember that every number you can think of could be a winner. So, there is no clear strategy, and you must rely on your luck.

How to start playing Ultime

To start playing, you will have to wait for the next draw. To do this, you will need to monitor Ultime notizie, which are published in official sources. As soon as you see the date for the next draw, take action:

  1. Buy a ticket online or from a lottery machine.
  2. Study the game’s rules (as a rule, they are indicated on the back of the lottery or websites).
  3. Place your bet, choosing all possible options.
  4. Wait for the draw.

And keep in mind that only responsible gambling will be an important condition for your success in this case. Only invest some of your savings in the lottery, and remember to exercise self-control. The odds are high, but it is still a gamble that requires the right attitude. So take everything that happens as a game, and enjoy the process.

Advantages and disadvantages of Ultime

There are several reasons why Canadians choose this lottery. We suggest you determine the pros and cons of this draw in the following table:

Advantages Disadvantages
✅ Two chances to win 1,000,000$ ❌ Lottery is already over
✅ Fixed jackpot ❌ Small chance of winning the jackpot
✅ Frequent winnings ❌ Relatively high price
✅ Instant prizes ❌ Unavailable in other countries
✅ Limited edition

Ultime in the mobile application

There is no particular mobile application to play this game. But you can always download the Lotto Quebec app to play and find out the game’s results anywhere and anytime. You can download a particular Android or iOS application on devices with any screen. The interface is concise and understandable, even for beginners.

In addition, by downloading the app, you can receive quick notifications about winnings and future drawings. Also, after registering, you can set up options for early purchase of tickets before the drawings start. So you get the opportunity not to miss the most important games and have an even greater chance of winning the jackpot. And all this thanks to the loterie Ultime, which will always be in your pocket!

Ultime results table

When purchasing an Ultime loto Quebec ticket, it is important to know what your chances of winning are. This can be done using the following table:

Prize Number of Prizes Odds of Winning
Draw Portion – 20-2002
1st to 19th number drawn Full number $1,000,000
20th number drawn only Full number $1,000,000
Last 5 digits $10,000 91
Last 4 digits $500 901
Last 3 digits $200 9
Last 2 digits $100 90
Instant Portion – 21-2002
$100,000 1 1 in 500,000
$1,000 21 1 in 250,000
$500 51 1 in 100,000
$200 501 1 in 10,000
$100 8,5 1 in 59
Free Ticket **$100** \$ **108,850** \
**TOTAL** \ **127,427** \ **1 in 4.0**

Where to play Ultime online

Before closing, you could buy tickets offline at physical points of sale and online on loteries.lotoquebec.com. Here, you can see the draw date, read the game rules, and purchase a ticket. The winning numbers were published on the pages of the same web resource after the game was played.

It is known that the previous lucky winner was found immediately after the lottery closed. It turned out to be Mark Oliver, who received son Ultime $1,000,000 after matching all the numbers and fulfilling the remaining lottery conditions.

What to play besides Ultime

If you have already played this game or want to try your luck while waiting for the date of the new draw, you can search for other gambling adventures. For example, Canada offers the TOP 3 best gambling games that will give you a chance to win millions (sometimes they reach almost $1,000,000,000!):

  1. Lotto Max: twice a week, offers the opportunity to win 70 million dollars.
  2. Mega Millions: You can win up to $1.5 billion by getting all the numbers right.
  3. Powerball: Another way to get a progressive jackpot with unlimited winnings.

You can choose any of these lotteries or try yourself in each of them. Just buy tickets and find the correct numbers to win the jackpot. But remember that any lottery is just a game; its main task is to amuse the player.

In the meantime, wait for the launch of the new Ultime game. And perhaps next time, you will be the lucky one who takes home a million!