GHOST Speedline (Reviews And Advanced Buyer’s Guide)

The Speedline by GHOST is a new and improved version with the efficient design of its predecessor, except with superior components, the Speedline  boasts extra reliability and a smoother performance.  

Available (the only U.S. retailer to carry the GHOST brand, you can have this sleek, fast, and reliable Speedline at a great price.


ghost-speedline-2-bike-2016GHOST Speedline Bicycle
Aluminum Road Cycling

  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • Great design
  • Hydrolines and cables concealed
  • Seats for flask and tools
  • Ghost AL rigid fork
  • Maneuverability
  • Stiff fork
  • Crisp and easy shifting

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GHOST brings us German bike technology and engineering that makes road biking, endurance riding, and off-road biking a pleasure.

Ghost company believe that quality is the fundamental understanding of a good bicycle. They therefore take great care in each phase of development, from design to manufacturing and assembly. By paying attention to detail at every stage, Ghost guarantee that you’ll have a positive riding experience.


Riding in urban landscapes will be a pleasure on the Square Speedline aluminum frame, which has a superb design similar to the Ghost Riot, which has won some awards.

 For aesthetic appeal and maximum practicality, the hydrolines and cables have been hidden from view at the bottom of the frame. In the area where the wiring runs, the frame is pressed into the inside of the body. The bike has seating for a flask and tools. 

The Ghost AL stiffening fork will allow you to ride with more speed, due to the lack of sway. It is lightweight, making the bike easier to maneuver and gain speed. The rigid fork requires more skill and care when riding, as you have to overcome obstacles more technically when riding. But this has a positive side, because thanks to the rigid fork the cyclist’s riding skills are improved.

Sram Apex 11-S rear derailleur guarantees a clear and easy shifting, which will be a pleasure during biking. The Sram PG-1130 11-42 cassette has a durable and reliable black finish with a high level of corrosion resistance. It is suitable for off-road riding, has an optimal tooth profile and is designed for fast and precise shifting.

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The Sram Apex X-Sync 44T connecting rods feature patented X-Sync™ technology, which makes operation quiet and safe. The square X-Sync tooth shape gives the chain a better grip than traditional triangular teeth. For flawless operation in demanding applications, X-Sync front chainrings are designed with recesses to keep the chainrings and rollers free from dirt.


High safety is provided by reliable Sram Level dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes with 160 mm diameter brake rotors. They will stop the bike quickly at any speed. It has a new PiggyBack™ compensator tank that helps regulate and reduce air bubbles. The air can be cut off and brake fluid is pushed out to create more power and modulation.


Both front and rear wheels come with Rodi Airline 1 rims, which are designed for moderate city driving. Both tires are tubeless WTB Exposure Road TCS 700x32c with semi-slick tread and small spikes on the sides.

This design provides confidence when cornering on uneven surfaces. The soft tubeless design reduces pressure and improves traction.

Formula DC 22 QR rear hub is lightweight, high quality and dust- and water-resistant for long life. At the front is a hub of the same make and model but with a smaller diameter Formula DC 20 QR. The characteristics of the wheel assembly are designed for speed and are best suited to smooth, well-paved road types.



Since Ghost’s founding over 25 years ago, they have been committed to detail and innovative design. With a focus on constant development, Ghost bikes are some of the best on the market. From RIOT-link suspension to award-winning designs, their bikes are truly something to be proud of.

The right frame size

It’s vital to choose the right frame size when picking out a bike. The wrong size can make for an uncomfortable ride, so we’ve created a sizing system to help you find the perfect fit.


Exclusively the GHOST Speedline road bike is a unisex bike that is perfect for men and women alike. Available in Dark Grey! See the link below for purchase!


Final Thoughts

Do you enjoy speeding past traffic signals and want to get from A to B as swiftly as possible? The SQUARE Speedline is your ideal companion: Its light, sturdy frame – including the full-floating axle – ensures pure speed and delivers genuine power to the pedals thanks to the 1×11 drive! For bike messengers, speed freaks, and style minimalists.