Win $25,000 in one evening at the Lottod lottery

To win the Lottod, you only need to pay $2, and you can get an instant jackpot of $25,000. To increase the opportunity 4 times, you need to pay only $5. Then, you can enter the evening draw to try your luck and get big wins up to $100,000.

The odds of winning here will be as much as 1 to 2.33, which almost guarantees you will not leave without a gift (at least in the long term). An additional indicator is the return rate of bets from 62.59% to 66.22% during regular play, which is also good.

Functionality Description
Frequency of draws Daily
Ways to win 2: Quick Draw (Lightning Game) and Evening Draw (draw)
Price $2 or $5 per selection
Price difference Gain 4 times higher for a $5 selection
Odds of winning 1 in 2.33 (including Quick Draw and Evening Draw)
Chances of winning the jackpot (Quick Draw) 1 in 1,679,616
Chances of winning the jackpot (Evening Draw) 1 in 1,679,616
Theoretical rate of return 62.59% (2$) or 66.22% (5$)

Quick Draw and Evening Draw Lottod

You can claim Quick Draw (Jeu éclair) and Evening Draw (tirage) in this Canadian lottery. In the first case, you get $25,000; in the second, you get $100,000; in both cases, the winnings are unlimited and progressive. If the jackpot is not won during the first drawing, the amount from it is carried over to the next time, and you (like other participants) can count on the fact that it will be added to the next prize.

Pools also play a huge role in financing winnings. So, the more people who buy a lottery ticket, the greater the chance that the jackpot will be much higher. Otherwise, winnings depend on the number of numbers matched. For example, if in the first drawing for $2 you matched all 8 numbers, you will receive $25,000; if you match only 6, you will have $150 in your pocket. So, in any case, you are in the black. But remember that although the jackpot is progressive, its amount can be divided between the winners if you call the same numbers together.

Flash Game and Evening Draw with Lottod

When participating in Lotto :D, you can choose Quick Draw (Jeu éclair) and Evening Draw (tirage). The first stage is playable when you walk in – find the lottery machine, select a game and buy a ticket to start the drawing. Secondly, you will have to wait until 22:30. The draw takes place every day, and information about the winners is immediately published on the pages of official sources.

To play Quick Draw (Jeu éclair): on the screen, you will see a beautiful graphic game in blue tones with dice. The numbers are generated independently by the Loto-Québec RNG, and you cannot influence them in any way. Victory awaits you if 2 or more 8 numbers match the value of the red cube.

In the evening, the game is more like a classic lottery. The lottery machine, controlled by a random number generator, produces 8 numbers that must match. Your victory will depend on how many numbers you guessed and what winnings they correspond to in the table.

After the drawing, those who paid an extra $1 for an Extra get an additional chance of $1,000,000. The essence here is simple: we guess the numbers and get the winnings according to the prize table. At the same time, even if you thought only 2 numbers, you will remain a winner and can at least return the ticket cost.

At the same time, everything is fair. The game is organized by Loto-Québec, which uses only proven technology to generate random numbers. In addition, the honesty and transparency of winnings is guaranteed by a vast number of checks carried out (which, by the way, are published in the media),

Lottod’s Strategies and Advice

If during your first win you can only dream that the random number generator will be on your side, then in the remaining draws of this lottery, you have every chance to try using strategies. For example, here are the recommendations that experienced players give:

  1. Don’t use significant dates for you to choose numbers as there is an extremely low chance that all 8 numbers will match.
  2. Use a random number generator to fight the machine, because this is the only way you can come up with numbers that just wouldn’t come to a person’s mind
  3. There are never any consecutive numbers in the lottery, so it is better not to use them if you want to win anything.
  4. Look at the statistics of previous games to notice which numbers appeared most often in the draw and which ones appeared less frequently. Perhaps if you combine them together you can improve your chances.
  5. Buy more lottery tickets to get more chances. A great way to keep things fair is to play in a group of friends or family (at the same time, you’ll have a good time with people you like).

But remember that there is no universal recipe for success. You can’t fool a random number generator, especially since it is carefully monitored. So just enjoy winning and remember to play responsibly. After all, gambling lotteries were invented for entertainment, and not as the only way to earn money.

How to Start Playing Lotto 😀

To start playing the Lotto :D, you should buy your first ticket. To do this, look for the nearest lottery machine in stores near your home or gas station or go to a newsstand. Comfort lovers play online using official websites. In this case, you must register for one, find a suitable lottery ticket, and pay for it.


  1. Select the number of tickets (you can buy several).
  2. Select numbers (8 numbers from 1 to 6 numbers) for the evening lottery (on your own or with the help of RNG) and for the Extra function (if you want to participate).
  3. Pay for tickets.
  4. Wait for the first stage of the number game to be generated (you may win right now).
  5. Having saved your ticket until the evening, check the numbers after the drawing online or at the point of sale.

If you win up to $1,000-$2,000, you can claim your winnings at the store or wherever you purchased your ticket. You will have to contact the lottery organizers on the official website for higher winnings.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lottod

There are many reasons why Canadians choose this lottery. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with them in the table of pros and cons and decide whether this game is suitable for you.

Advantages Disadvantages
✅ Affordable prices: minimum bet is $2 ❌ Low chances of winning
✅ Two types of draws: Quick Draw (Jeu éclair) and Evening Draw (tirage) ❌ No guarantee of winning
✅ Chance to win an unlimited jackpot ❌ Cost of tickets
✅ Possibility to play online, via the mobile app or at a retailer ❌ Risk of gambling addiction
✅ Additional options: Extra, lottery syndicates ❌ Need to pay taxes on winnings
✅ Transparency and fairness: Loto-Québec uses proven random number generation methods

Lottod Mobile Application

The game has no separate application, although you can try going the other way. The organizers of the OLG offer to download a particular application that replicates the functionality of the site’s web version but allows you to use its capabilities even more effectively. So, you get a whole lottery machine in your pocket. And it doesn’t matter what your smartphone or tablet runs on Android or iOS. In any case, you get advanced features:

  1. Hot real-time notifications will inform you about the opening of new draws or your victories.
  2. Buy tickets in automatic mode before the start of the drawing so that you don’t miss all the fun.
  3. The ability to play and check numbers directly on your device.

There are still many advantages; you can evaluate them if you download the free application from the Play Store or App Store.

Prize table for Lottod 😀

After the Lottod draw, it’s time to find out how much you’ve won. This is very easy to do using the following table:

Prize Option Quick Draw (Jeu éclair) Evening Draw (tirage)
Full number (8 digits) $25,000 $100,000
7 last digits $1,000 $2,000
6 last digits $100 $150
5 last digits $20 $50
4 last digits $10 $15
3 last digits $5 $10
2 last digits $2 $5
7 first digits $1,000 $2,000
6 first digits $100 $150
5 first digits $20 $50
4 first digits $10 $15
3 first digits $5 $10
2 first digits $2 $5

Enjoy convenient shopping from Lottod

You can buy Lottod at retail outlets with Lotto Quebec machines or on Here, you can purchase tickets in advance, play lotteries, and discover your winnings. The interface is simple, and all relevant information is open to everyone.

All you have to do is register and buy your first ticket to have a positive gambling experience. The main thing is to remember to take a reasonable approach to pranks and not treat them as the only way to make money. As for the rest, the site will provide all the conditions for you to play with pleasure!

Expand Your Gaming Experience with Lottod

For those who want to diversify the experience, there is also the opportunity to play other games. There are always many lotteries running in Canada and almost every day you can get a chance at the jackpot. For example, why not try the following games that are in the TOP 3 favorites among Canadians?

  1. Sprinto: every minute you can win $25,000 if you play the instant lottery, and in the evening you can win up to $1,000,000.
  2. Lotto Poker: collect a winning combination of cards to win the jackpot – a progressive jackpot of $100,000. 
  3. Scrabble: guess words from a set of letters provided and win up to $30,000.

And you can play all these game options at the same time with Lottod! So don’t stay put and try to participate in sweepstakes regularly so as not to miss the chance to get rich. You have a high chance of winning, and even if you only guess a few numbers or words, you will still be a winner!