Canada’s Pick 4 Lottery: From Gameplay to Winning Big

Fans of big wins choose Pick 4 in Canada. This nationwide lottery is held every day in the morning and evening. During sessions from 2:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., you will find out who the winner is and check your numbers. Before this, you must purchase and register your tickets, choosing from two options: Straight Play and Box Play. 4 guessed numbers from 0 to 9 in exact or any order (depending on the game mode) can lead to victory. 

The maximum win is $5,000, and if you pay an additional $1 for ENCORE, you can compete for a $1,000,000 progressive jackpot. This means it increases if no one wins it during one draw. And it’s legal! After all, the OLG Pick-4 lottery is regulated by the Ontario Lotteries and Gaming Commission. So buy tickets to the drawing and ensure your winnings are fair.

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Pick 4: From $200 to $ Jackpot!

If the next Pick 4 winning numbers are yours, you can win from 200 to 5000 dollars. Several game categories increase the chances of winning. The most expensive is “Direct,” which gives the most profit if you guess all 4 numbers in the exact order. Moreover, in comparison, for example, with the same Daily Grand and other similar draws, the chances are 1 in 10,000, which is quite good. In this case, the winnings will be $5,000. This jackpot is not divided among other winners, so you will take home the total prize.

If you are lucky enough to collect a 4-Way Box combination in OLG Pick 4, you guessed three identical numbers and one unique one (for example, 1000, 0010, 0100, 1001). The odds of you making it are 1 in 2,500, and the prize will be $1,250.

The odds are slightly lower (1 in 1,667) if you match 2 sets of the same numbers in a 6-Way Box (e.g., 0011, 0101, 1001, 1101), although the winnings will be $800. Therefore, these numbers can be guessed in any order.

There is a high probability (1 in 833) that you will collect a 12-Way Box. You must collect two identical numbers and two unique ones to do this. The prize will be $400. Finally, in the 24-Way Box combination, you must collect 4 unique numbers (1234, 2314, 3412, 4123) to win $200 (1 in 417 odds).

But these are not the only gifts. So, if you paid an additional $1 for Encore, and as a result, in Pick 4 results, you saw that you could correctly guess 7 numbers, then you will receive $1,000,000. But even if you are unlucky in this amount, additional game rules are included, according to which you can win from 7 dollars (if you guessed the first 2 + 1 last numbers).

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Winning with Integrity in Pick 4

The lotteries Pick 3 and 4 are similar in drawing principles. So, they are both held twice a day: at 14:00 and 22:30 (ET), during which the winner is selected based on the matching numbers drawn from the electronic lottery machine. In this case, you will need to guess not 3 but 4 numbers to collect the Box Play combination.

After the drawing, OLG Pick 4 winning numbers are checked against winning combinations, and players receive prizes according to the bet category. Moreover, the entire process is controlled by OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation). This government organization, together with independent auditors, monitors the integrity of the drawing process.

The process differs depending on the bet type selected:

  1. The Straight will require that the 4 guessed numbers match in exact order.
  2. Box – we indicate 4 numbers and do not worry about the order in which they will play.

So before the game, decide your bet because your chances and winnings generally depend on this. Next, buy it from a dealer at an offline point of sale or on the official website and fill it in with OLG winning numbers Pick 4 from 0 to 9, according to the specified rules. The ticket costs $2; if you add another $1 for Encore, you can become a millionaire

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Tips and Strategies for OLG Pick 4

Many players note a high probability of winning the Pick 4 OLG lottery. But to increase the chances, many try to use small tricks.

Here’s what seasoned players say:

  1. Don’t use consecutive numbers (1234, 5678, 8765, etc.), as there is a minimal chance they will be drawn next time.
  2. try not to use birthdates, as these are the most common combinations. At the same time, other gamblers recommend the opposite – to use precisely those numbers that matter specifically to you (for example, a lucky date).
  3. Many people use a random number generator to select those numbers that do not fit the usual patterns.

You can devise many strategies to Pick 4 OLG winning numbers that will allow you to get a round sum in your wallet. For example, you can choose numbers in the Fibonacci sequence (each number is the sum of the previous two) or analyze the history of hot numbers (those that come up most often) and cold numbers (those that come up rarely) to indicate those. They all have the same chance of appearing, so it will not be possible to deceive the system, and you have to rely on your luck. But that’s where all the excitement lies!

How to Play OLG Pick 4

To participate in Pick 4 midday, you will first need to purchase a ticket. This can be done at a physical point of sale, where such an option is provided (the lottery receiver is located). This could be a nearby store or gas station.


  1. Contact the seller and say we want to buy a lottery ticket.
  2. Fill it out according to the rules.
  3. We give it to the seller, pay, and wait for the result of the drawing.

You can get information about who won after winning at the same point of sale. You can also only go somewhere and buy a lottery ticket online.

For this:

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. We are looking for a lottery.
  3. Click the button to purchase a ticket.
  4. Fill out the ticket according to the rules (you can use autofill).
  5. Specify additional options and pay for the ticket.

The results of Pick 4 evening will be published on the website after the drawing is broadcast. You can also purchase and fill out a ticket using a mobile application.

Why Canadians Choose Pick 4: Weighing the Pros and Cons

It’s not for nothing that Canadians choose this particular lottery because if you manage to guess the Pick 4 winning number, you can walk away with a good amount of winnings. Although the odds of winning the jackpot are still low (as with other lotteries), they are still higher than in other games. We suggest you find out about other advantages and disadvantages from the table:

Advantages Disadvantages
✅ Low ticket cost: $2 ❌ Small jackpot: $5,000 (minimum)
✅ Easy to play: simply choose 4 numbers ❌ Low probability of winning the jackpot: 1 in 10,000
✅ Two draws daily: 2:00 PM and 10:30 PM (ET) ❌ Prizes for matching 3, 2, or 1 number are not very large
✅ Various bet types: straight, box, multi-draw ❌ Can’t buy tickets in other countries (except Canada)
✅ Additional chances to win with ENCORE
✅ Ability to play online or on the mobile app

Playing Pick 4 on the Go with the OLG Mobile App

You can view Pick 4 evening results and play the lottery not only at points of sale or on the website. You can get closer to your favorite draws by downloading a mobile application from the Apple Store and Play Market. There is an OLG application that allows you to always stay online, with the ability to purchase tickets and guess numbers.

All relevant information is published in the application in the same way as on the website. So you can find out everything right there, right from your smartphone. In addition to instant access, you can receive quick notifications about your winnings and future drawings and even enable the option to purchase tickets automatically.

Prize Structure and Odds in Pick 4

If you like the idea of playing Canada Pick 4, check out the prizes and odds of winning in the following table:

Prize Category Winning Combination Prize Odds of Winning
Straight 4 numbers in exact order $5,000 1 in 10,000
4-Way Box 3 of a kind and 1 unique (e.g., 1000, 2222) $1,250 (in any order) 1 in 2,500
6-Way Box Two sets of doubles (e.g., 0011, 3774) $800 (in any order) 1 in 1,667
12-Way Box Two doubles and two uniques (e.g., 0021, 3453) $400 (in any order) 1 in 833
24-Way Box Four unique numbers (e.g., 1234, 5079) $200 (in any order) 1 in 417

Official Websites for Pick 4

You can buy tickets and watch Pick 4 result on the official websites of Canada, which provide the corresponding functions. You will be able to buy tickets and fill them out at:


Each web resource is proven safe and allows round-the-clock access to your favorite lotteries.

Beyond Pick 4: Exploring Other Exciting Canadian Lotteries

If, in addition to playing Pick 4 numbers, you want to expand your gambling experience, you can try playing other Canadian lotteries. For example, if you are 18 years old and live in Canada, you can play:

  1. Lotto Max – popular for its high jackpot of $20,000,000
  2. Lotto 6/49 – will allow you to win in the classic version $5,000,000, and for the Gold Ball you will receive $58,000,000 and many more prizes up to $1 million.
  3. Daily Grand is a daily lottery with the opportunity to win $1000 for every day of your life.

Pick 4 other lotteries.

These lotteries are held twice-weekly and are available to everyone in online and offline draws. So buy your tickets and take an active part! With every purchase, your chances increase; one day, you can secure millions in winnings for life. But remember about responsible gambling. Still, the lottery is a form of gambling and entertainment.