Speed of the bike – Average and Maximum speed

The speed of the bike is probably the most important parameter that interests any person who has taken up cycling. Often buyers use this indicator even when choosing a bike. But to give a clear explanation of the speed of a particular bike is very difficult – too many factors affecting this definition.

Even if you ask an experienced cyclist or professional athlete, you will most likely get an answer consisting of vague personal data. After all, this parameter depends on many conditions. Important is the type of bicycle (its weight, level of equipment), surface, wind speed and direction, weight, height and physical fitness of the rider. And most importantly – what speed of the bike are you interested in? Average, maximum, or maybe current? Let’s break it down.

What is the current and average bike speed?

Everything is simple – current bike speed is an indicator of the speed of the bike at the time of riding it.

You can easily calculate your average speed without special equipment or complicated mathematical calculations. The easiest way is to record exactly one hour and see how much distance you can cover.

The result will be your average speed. But to be more precise, the average speed is the ratio of the distance covered by the cyclist to the time spent on the trip.

As for ordinary cyclists, they are able to maintain an average speed at the level:

  • 30-35 km/hour on a road bike;
  • 18-20 km/hour average city bike speed;
  • 10-15 km/hour average mountain bike speed.

In 2015 record holder with the highest average speed was Bradley Wiggins from Great Britain. He rode 54.526km in 1 hour on a special indoor velodrome, where there is no headwind and the surface has a constant relief and quality.

Bicycle speed record

Man is such a creature, reaching a certain record, he always wants to improve it. Cycling speed records are no exception. They try to beat them in absolutely different ways – from the use of non-standard technical solutions in the bike itself to the use of doping by cyclists.

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Let’s highlight the most outstanding speed records achieved by cyclists:

  • the maximum speed of a peer in an aerodynamic capsule – 133.28 km/h
  • 222 km/h when cycling down the mountain
  • the maximum speed of the air pocket of a special car 268 km/h
  • 333 km/h on a bicycle with a jet engine

Which bike has the highest speed? The fastest among the serial copies is considered to be the highway type of bicycles, as it is maximally sharpened for fast riding. But you must remember the golden rule – it is not the bike that rides, but the cyclist. A very important role is played by the physical fitness of the rider and if she limps, you can easily be overtaken by a grandfather on a rusty bike.

How is the bike speed measured?

In the beginning, analog devices were used, which are carried out by the movement of the bicycle and have the principle of operation of a car speedometer. But with the evolution of digital technology, special electronic devices (bicycle computers) appeared.

 And with the development of modern smartphones, it became possible to measure the speed of a bicycle through the use of tracker applications. Which one is better? 

A bike computer is the most accurate method of determining speed. The bike computer calculates the speed of your bike using the length of the wheel circle and the number of its rotations in a certain period of time – the minimum error.

The disadvantage of this device is the lack of sufficient memory to save your results. The bike computer is a compact bicycle speed diagnostic tool that does not require charging, takes up little space and weighs very little.

Smartphone and GPS tracker application – allows you to measure not only speed indicators, but also the value of the height difference. An important function is the ability to record the route, it will mark the speed differences in different sections. You can also evaluate your route and share it with your friends. The downside is slightly blurred data at the output, as the signal is lost.

How to increase the maximum or average speed?

It is unlikely that you want to break the cycling speed record set by some Olympic champion, but you can improve your personal achievements by applying some useful tips:

  • Use the smoothest and thinnest tires possible, they have less rolling resistance;
  • Increase the air pressure in the tubes to the maximum mark (you can find it on the side of the tires);
  • The quality of your bike’s equipment plays a big role. If you want to achieve an outstanding result – you need a quality bike. First of all, light and rolling wheels;
  • Get rid of or minimize suspension damping, because it eats up the lion’s share of your strength; Reduce aerodynamic drag – take the lowest and most comfortable fit possible;
  • Wear special cycling clothes, it does not hinder movement, it removes moisture and temperature from your body well, as a result making you more productive;
  • Train regularly. It is regular cycling that will increase your speed performance, gradually climbing higher and higher.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we note that the speed of a bicycle is greatly influenced by both external and internal factors. By following the above tips, you can significantly increase your speed performance.

But the most important thing is not to overdo it and observe all the safety rules so as not to get injured. After all, health is the most important thing!

We hope this article was helpful and informative for you. Speed up and be careful!