Eurobike Road Bike (Reviews And Advanced Buyer’s Guide)

Eurobike is a leading bike manufacturer that takes design concepts such as fashion, trend, and movement and transforms them into a series of mountain bikes, road bikes, snow bikes, tandem bikes, and other categories. Eurobike is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of bicycles. Members of the development team have decades of cycling-related expertise.


Eurobike XC580 Gravel BikeEurobike Bikes
Road bicycles

  • Great design
  • Reasonable
  • 21 various speeds
  • Dual system of Disc brake
  • Shimano Shifter along with Derailleur
  • Steel powerful frame

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There are many reasons why the Eurobike Road Bike is so popular among bike riders. Whether you’re looking to explore open roads or commute between towns, this bike is perfect for shorter trips. With its modern design, powerful materials and intelligent construction, it’s no wonder the Eurobike Road Bike is one of the top favorites on the market.


This bike has a steel frame, making it both durable and long-lasting. The first thing you need to consider when purchasing any bike is the quality of the frame, which should be made from durable materials such as carbon or aluminum. However, these materials can make the bike more expensive than one with a steel frame.

21-speed Shimano shifting system

The best part about this bike is probably the gear system and speed range. The bike comes with Shimano TZ-30 & TZ-50 shifters as well as SHIMANO A050 21-speed gear, which are rare to find in bikes–even high priced ones. This shifting system allows bikers greater control over their speed when they change gears.

The system’s ability to alter speed without losing power gives it great versatility when handling various turfs. As a result, it is not limited to any one track and may be tailored to your liking.

Photo HYXC550

  • Great design
  • Reasonable
  • 21 various speeds
  • Dual system of Disc brake
  • Shimano Shifter along with Derailleur
  • Steel powerful frame
  • Assembly is bit tricky
  • Does not include water pot mount

Dual braking system

This bike is equipped with a dual braking system to prevent accidents. The bike has aluminum dual disc brakes which are 160mm in size. They are often incorporated into the structure in a way which is helpful for the riders to bike safely even at maximum speed.

700C Wheels Road Bikes For adult

700c wheels not only have less rolling resistance but are also more efficient; meaning, you can ride further using the same amount of energy.

Furthermore, because they have a larger circumference, they have better rollover capability and can more easily roll over potholes, bumps, branches, roots, and other obstacles on the road or trail.

Size 49 cm for people between 5’5″ – 5’8″, Size 54 cm for people between 5’8″ – 6’1″: Disc brakes are more powerful and reliable than traditional V-Brake Systems; they also don’t wear out your tires as quickly and last much longer. With more consistent braking, you’ll be able to judge stopping distances more accurately.

Difficult road situations

The 700C wheels on road bikes have less rolling resistance. This makes them more efficient and allow you to ride further on the same amount of energy. The 3 spoke Mag wheels commuter bicycles come 85% assembled.

All that is needed to be done is to install the front fork, front wheel, seat and pedal under the guidance of instructions. After that, air up the tires and you’re good to go! Bike commuting is becoming a popular choice for many people because it’s a great way To get some exercise while also saving money on gas or public transport fares.

Ergonomic seat with powerful handlebars

The position of the seat and handlebars are designed to give riders good posture and a great riding experience. The handlebar, made of iron, is placed perfectly for giving bikers excellent control while they ride on rough trails–without hurting their back. Also, the seat can be positioned at different heights and comes with lower back support for comfortable sitting.

Color Options

With the gorgeous metal element, this great road bike is offered. It’s available in three lovely hues: sleek black with flashes of crimson and white. The premium look will immediately make you fall in love with the bike.

Size & Design

The bike is available in two spoke wheel design, including three-spoke wheels, and a multi-spoke wheel. Both are long-lasting and durable, although the three-spoke wheel is the cooler option because of its cleaner appearance.

The multi-wheel spoke design also displays excellent strength and durability. There are two different sizes for the frame: 49 cm and 54cm. Choose the one that suits your needs best based on the type of road you plan to ride on.


So far, the bike has performed well. I got the Aero Spoke edition. Because it looks fantastic, I’ve received a lot of compliments! It took around 30 minutes to assemble. The problem I had was that the seat rail had popped out of its socket, making it impossible to repair. In order to ride my bike, I needed to buy another seat, which is a little annoying because one would want to be able on riding right out of the box.

The bike was put together, and after that you absolutely must tune it, tighten everything down, and oil all compartments.  I also recommend getting a better seat and pedals; it makes a significant difference. Other than that, the bike has been fantastic. 

It’s ideal for a commuter since it rides well and is easy to ride on city streets. You’ll definitely receive a lot of compliments on it, as well as good build quality.

This is a wonderful bike that is both fast and well-made, and it has one of the most fantastic customer service experiences I’ve ever had from a vendor. Thank you again. This can’t go wrong.


Are Eurobike road bikes any good?

Many people have asked me if the Eurobike road bike is a good investment and, while that is tough to answer broadly, my response would be yes. There is significant customer evidence on Amazon supporting this claim – the bike consistently receives ratings of 4 out of 5 stars or higher from verified customers (those who have actually purchased the bike, not those posting fake reviews).

Second, Shimano components are used throughout the bike, which is generally acknowledged as one of the finest bicycle component firms. Finally, while the bike price is reasonable, it’s worth noting that you get what you pay for.

Which frame size should I buy?

Although there are many guides which cover bike fit available on the internet, what they often miss is that the feeling is more important than taking exact measurements.

Generally speaking, the XC550 49cm frame size would be considered small and it’s recommended for people who are around 5′ 0″ to 5′ 6″ or 150 cm to 165 cm. The XC550 54cm frame falls into medium territory and it’s a better choice for those approximately between 5′ 6″ to 6′ 0″ or 165 cm to 180 cm in height.

Are pedals included in this road bike?

Yes, smooth pedals are included for a more pleasant riding experience.

Can this bike easily fit a 6’4” man?

No, it won’t be! Because this bike is only suitable for a person who measures 5’10” or shorter, it will be uncomfortable.

Is the bike already assembled?

This is incorrect. You must construct it yourself using the instruction book given to you.


To conclude this discussion, we recommend that you purchase the Eurobike road bike. It is perfect for entry-level riders in terms of its great performance and durability. Do keep in mind though that you’ll need to do some assembly upon receiving the bike and make sure you tune everything before you go out for a ride. Other than that, we are confident that you’ll enjoy your new purchase!