Liv Cycling Reveals Women’s Road Bike Line (Reviews And Advanced Buyer’s Guide)

Liv Cycling, the sister brand of Giant, has rolled out their Women’s Road Bike collection. This exclusive range of women’s road bikes cover the spectrum from endurance, dutch style, race ready, cross country mountain, and time trial specific bikes.


Liv Cycling Envie Aero BikeLiv Cycling Reveals Line

Women’s Road Bike

  • Comfortable
  • Lively
  • Great handling
  • Responsiveness
  • Climbing capabilities

Women-Specific Geometry

This company has proven itself when it comes to supporting women’s road cycling. As a sponsor to pro riders including Rabo Liv team, who includes Anna van der Breggen (Olympic champion) and Marianne Vos (multiple world champion). Liv Cycling produces high quality and high specification bike models, and this collection showcases the quality of Liv and their new geometrically-sound designs.

 Liv Cycling has made some pretty extensive updates for their line and by using women-specific geometry as opposed to a unisex frame, women will have a bike for all types of riding that is made for them rather than settling for a frame that does not suit them as well. 

The company has made this possible by viewing empirical data that was taken from a large database which cataloges women’s measurements worldwide. This body measurement database has dimensions that can be compared against those of men and reveals the differences that need to be made in bike frames, contact points, size, handlebars, and overall design in order to suit women the best for superior performance.

Pro riders, coaches, and ambassadors worked with Liv Cycling as well, so that all of this information could be translated into a real design that works.


Liv Envie

There are six different models of the Envie, priced from $2,050 to $7,500.

While there are lower priced models, regardless of which model you chose, Liv has certainly not skimped on the Envie. The carbon frame and carbon wheels make for a perfect option for the serious road cyclist of any level. With SRAM Red eTap electronic shifting and designed with a race-centric geometry, this women’s endurance bike is an incredible upgrade from your former bike.

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The wheelsets are deep-rimmed and the cable routing is internal, which adds to the aerodynamics, keeps the cables clean and out of the way, and is ideal for racing. In addition, the Envie features aero-shaped tubing and Speed Control brakes, which are tucked behind the forks and seatstay in order to decrease aerodynamic drag.

The following is a list of the Envie models and their prices in US Dollars, British Pounds, and Australian Dollars:

  • Liv Envie Advanced 1: $3,150 / 1,749 GBP / $3,299 AUD
  • Liv Envie Advanced 2: $2,050 / 1,499 GBP / $2,799 AUD
  • Liv Envie Advanced Tri 1: $3,350 / 2,699 GBP / $4,299 AUD
  • Liv Envie Advanced Tri 2: Price Not Yet Available
  • Liv Envie Advanced Pro 0: $7,500 / 5,499 GBP / $7,999 AUD
  • Liv Envie Advanced Pro 1: $5,250 / 3,999 GBP / $5,799 AUD

Liv Avow

The Avow is the time trial and triathlon specific road bike and is designed for rigorous cycling. This bike was built for speed, aerodynamics, and power, and with the women-specific frame with a sleek wheelset and tubeless tires makes for a great-looking and efficient racing road bike for women.

  • Frame: Carbon
  • Aerodynamic
  • Wheelset: Aero
  • Tubeless Tires
  • Integrated Hydration Storage
  • Aero-Shaped Bottle on Towntube
  • Aero Shaped Snack Box on Top Tube
  • Hands-Free Bar-Mounted Hydration System

This bike was built to endure as well as the woman riding it.

Liv Cycling Avow Cycle
Liv Cycling Avow Cycle

There are three Avow models you can choose from:

  • Liv Avow Advanced: $1,850 / 1,799 GBP / $3,799 AUD
  • Liv Avow Advanced Pro 0: $6,700 / $7,999 AUD / GBP not yet available
  • Liv Avow Advanced Pro 1: $5,450 / 4,699 GBP / $6,499 AUD

Liv Avail

The Liv Avail is without a doubt the most extensive series in the new Liv Cycling collection. With 12 bike models to choose from, this endurance bike is perfect for comfort over longer distances.

This bike is perfect for racing as well, no doubt about that; but it is a great multi-functional bike that is tough and ranges from entry level prices and components to advanced kits.

The entry level models benefit from the women’s specific geometry of the frame build in its aluminum frame, while the top range of the Avail Advanced Pro series features high quality carbon composite framing, wheelset, form, and hydraulic disc brakes. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it in this collection.

Liv Cycling Avail
Liv Cycling Avail
  • Liv Avail 1: $810 / 675 GBP / $1,099 AUD
  • Liv Avail 2: 545 GBP / USD not available / $899 AUD
  • Liv Avail 3: $600 / GBP and AUD not available
  • Liv Avail SL 1 Disc: $1,315 / 1,149 GBP / $1,899 AUD
  • Liv Avail SL 2 Disc: $1,050 / 975 GBP / AUD not available
  • Liv Avail SL 1: 999 GBP / USD and AUD not available
  • Liv Avail SL 2: 849 GBP / USD and AUD not available
  • Liv Avail Advanced 1: $2,375 / 1,599 GBP / $3,299 AUD
  • Liv Avail Advanced 2: $1,950 / 1,299 GBP / not available in Australia
  • Liv Avail Advanced 3: $1,550 / 1,149 GBP / $2,699 AUD
  • Liv Avail Advanced Pro 1: $3,250 / 2,799 GBP / $4,299 AUD
  • Liv Avail Advanced Pro 2: 2,399 GBP (USD not yet priced ; not available in Australia). It can be estimated that the US price is going to be around $3,650 – $4,000.


With the slogan “by women, by women, with women,” Liv Cycling places female riders at the forefront of all activities. The sister firm to Giant aims to make cycling more accessible by designing and producing bikes and gear that are specifically tailored for women. The 3F refers to Fit, Form, and Function in Liv’s data-driven approach, which stands for Fitness, Design, and Function. This design concept is seen throughout Liv’s product range and implies that the company provides goods that are properly fit for their purpose as well as the female user.